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Authors: Dong Sheng Li, Ya Fei Yan, Fang Ren
Environmental Biotechnology
Abstract:Twelve evaluation indices concerning the diversity, unification, uniqueness, people-orientedness, etc. were selected from the factors...
Authors: Gang Xue, Ying Wang, Feng Xia Liu
Environmental Biotechnology
Abstract:The urea inclusion was carried out to purify γ-linolenic acid (GLA). The single-factor, double-factor and orthogonal test were employed to...
Authors: Ying Wang, Gang Xue, Bin Zhao
Environmental Biotechnology
Abstract:Due to the existence of antibiotic residues, waste mycelium of lincomycin was difficult to be treated and used as resources, which had become...
Authors: Jun Liang Liu, Xu Chen, Tie Jian Zhang
Environmental Biotechnology
Abstract:Based on the traditional time series methods, this paper researched a time series-exponential smoothing model that is built by SPSS...
Authors: Yu Ying Li, Bing Li
Environmental Biotechnology
Abstract:The co-culture of fungus-bacteria was used for the bioremediation of petroleum hydrocarbon polluted mangrove sediment. The comparisons of...
Authors: Jian Li, Shuai Di Song, Ruo Nan Zhang, Ning Liu, Chen Chen Li
Environmental Biotechnology
Abstract:Steam distillation oil (SDO) and simultaneous distillation oil (SDEO) were obtained from Tagetes Erecta L. leaf of Heilongjiang province by...
Authors: Xin Huang, Si Qing Qin, Jing Rui Niu, Lei Xue, Yuan Yuan Wang
Environmental Biotechnology
Abstract:In this paper, the two-dimensional renormalization group model for the failure process of a locked patch is designed according to the locked...
Authors: Li Rong Chen, Fei Hu Jia, Xin Meng, Lian Ke Zhang
Environmental Biotechnology
Abstract:This paper aims to study the technological conditions and adsorption mechanism of the rare-earth ammonia-nitrogen wastewater adsorption by...
Authors: Qi Wen Tang, Chang Sheng Jiang, Qing Ju Hao, Yan Wu
Environmental Biotechnology
Abstract:The effect of different tillage systems on the size distribution of aggregates and organic carbon distribution and storage in different size...
Authors: Jun Ke Zhang, Qing Ju Hao, Chang Sheng Jiang, Yan Wu
Environmental Biotechnology
Abstract:The impact of conservation tillage practices on carbon sequestration has been of great interest in recent years. This experiment analyzed the...
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