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Authors: Li Jun Xing, Tian Lei Qiu, Qiong Qiong Zhang, Bing Hao Su, Xu Ming Wang
Environmental Biotechnology
Abstract:Different inoculation methods were employed in the process of the Cordyceps militaris subculture. The experimental results indicated that...
Authors: Li Kun Huang, Guang Zhi Wang
Environmental Biotechnology
Abstract:In order to investigate the seasonal characteristic of PM2.5, PM2.5 were collected in four seasons. This study investigates the elemental...
Authors: Guang Yi Qu, Guo Zhu Mao, Yong Li Dai, Jiang Hong Guo, Yao Wu Wang
Environmental Biotechnology
Abstract:Based on characteristics of environmental impact of railway construction projects, the paper drew on experience of environmental impact...
Authors: Ci Li Li, Chun Ran Han
Environmental Biotechnology
Abstract:The fermentative nature of five lactic acid bacteria was studied by using saccharified kidney beans. The production of lactic acid of...
Authors: Jia Bin Yi
Environmental Biotechnology
Abstract:A knowledge transfer process model among food supply chain members is proposed. The knowledge transfer performance is discussed with the...
Authors: Qiang Wang, Yu Zhang
Environmental Biotechnology
Abstract:Contemporary food supply chains are generating externalities with high economic and social costs, notably in public health terms through the...
Authors: Hong Wei Zhang, Ming Duo Yang, Xiang Fu Fan
Environmental Biotechnology
Abstract:The modification of the pretreated wheat bran by extrusion technology and cellulose enzyme method was studied to improve the content of...
Authors: Zhong Xu, Nan Liu, Dan Zhao, Duo Wang
Environmental Biotechnology
Abstract:Potato starch residue was used as raw material , a single factor test was used to determine the lactobacillus casei L-lactic fermentation in...
Authors: Zhong Xu, Nan Liu, Dan Zhao, Duo Wang, Chun Bo Che, Ping Yang, Li Kun Huang
Environmental Biotechnology
Abstract:The influencing factors of potato starch liquefaction system which use the α-amylase to hydrolysis, the degree of hydrolysis of starch (DE)...
Authors: Ying Liu, Xiao Mei Li
Environmental Biotechnology
Abstract:The apoptosis in gastric cancer cells induced by genistein and the relationship between this apoptosis and expression of NF-κB and Caspase-3...
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