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Authors: Feng Zhang, Chang Qing Liu, Zhong Qiao, Gong Fa Chang, Yan Hui Qu, Xue Jun Bi
Environmental Biotechnology
Abstract:The phosphorous removal behaviors under higher and moderate organic loading and after different durations of anaerobic stages were studied in...
Authors: Jun Sheng Li, Zhi Wei Zhao, Jin Long Zuo
Environmental Biotechnology
Abstract:The effect s of aeration time on the treatment of brewery wastewater in SBR reactor were investigated by using synthetic brewery wastewater....
Authors: Shi Hui Guo, Chun Lei Wang, Hong Yi Yang, Na Na Zhang, Xin Zhuang, Dai Zong Cui
Environmental Biotechnology
Abstract:Potato virus Y (PVY) is one of the most important viruses that infect Solanaceous crops. In the study, the antigenic epitopes were predicted...
Authors: Hai Yan Ding, Xiao Ling Zhang, Wei Wei Pu, Di He
Environmental Biotechnology
Abstract:Based on the monitoring data of air quality and meteorological data from 2003 to 2009 in Beijing, the change of air quality and pollutants...
Authors: Zhi Hua Qu, Li Hai Wang
Environmental Biotechnology
Abstract:The crystallinity of wood is an important property of wood materials, it has an important effect on the physical, mechanical and chemical...
Authors: Xiang Yu, Min Wang, Qun Hui Wang, Xu Ming Wang
Environmental Biotechnology
Abstract:Poly γ-glutamic acid (γ-PGA) is a kind of water soluble and biodegradable polymer, which is nontoxic toward humans and the environment....
Authors: Feng Xia Liu, Jian Cheng Luo, Ying Wang, Gang Xue
Environmental Biotechnology
Abstract:Double, three factor-test and orthogonal designs were employed to study the effect of protective agent, membranolytic agent, activating...
Authors: Siqingaowa Bao, Zhan Xin Ma
Environmental Biotechnology
Abstract:The determination of index weight is very important in the process of analyzing the comprehensive effects of external conditions on the...
Authors: Zhi Wei Zhao, Jun Sheng Li, Jin Long Zuo
Environmental Biotechnology
Abstract:The use of potassium permanganate on the micro-pollutants in the Songhua River water for pre-oxidation, the results showed: potassium...
Authors: Yang Wang, Jin Long Zuo, An Xi Jiang, Zui Liang Ma
Environmental Biotechnology
Abstract:The indoor air quality influences human body’s comfort and health seriously, and polluted indoor air will not only affect human’s health, but...
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