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Authors: Chun Xia Sui, Guo Ping Yu, Lian Zhou Jiang, Yi Hong Bao, De Jun Mei, Shu Wang, Zhi Hui Zhang
Environmental Biotechnology
Abstract:The work attempts to study the surface hydrophobicity (S0) of soy protein isolate(SPI)-guar gum(GG) systems for biomaterial. Effect of four...
Authors: Lu Fei, Xin Chen, Mu Qiu Zhao, Ya Jie Zhao, Yi Shi, Bin Huang
Environmental Biotechnology
Abstract:Inappropriate applications of phosphorus (P) in agricultural production lead to the leaching loss of P, which subsequently contributes to the...
Authors: Zuo Fang Zheng
Environmental Biotechnology
Abstract:In order to analyze the variations of climate warming and human body comfort index on the basis of homogenized correction, the daily...
Authors: Yuan Bo Huang, Yun Wu Zheng, Hao Feng, Zhi Feng Zheng, Ying Zi Jiang
Environmental Biotechnology
Abstract:The liquefaction of corncob in polyhydric alcohols was investigated by using sulfuric acid as a catalyst. Results showed that the best...
Authors: Jin Long Zuo, Zhi Wei Zhao
Environmental Biotechnology
Abstract:Nowadays the sauce wastewater is doing greater harm to the water environment in China. In order to tackle this problem, the temperature...
Authors: Hua Jing Liu, Xiu Hong Xu, Xiao Yu, Ting Bo Jiang, Xue Zhong Zou
Environmental Biotechnology
Abstract:A genetic diversity analysis was conducted, of 14 wild Auricularia auricula strains and 6 cultivated strains from DaXing'anling region by...
Authors: Pei Chao Jian, Zhao Hui Zhang, Yu Feng Zhang, Qin Zhang
Environmental Biotechnology
Abstract:Activated carbon filter is often used as the pretreatment process of nanofiltration or reverse osmosis membrane system, especially when the...
Authors: Chun Bo Che
Environmental Biotechnology
Abstract:An integrated process including Fenton-oxidation coagulation and sedimentation was utilized to treat ion-exchange resin regenerating...
Authors: Hui Wang, Han Sheng Gong, Xiang Chen Meng, Li Li Man
Environmental Biotechnology
Abstract:A bacteriocin produced by Lactobacillus brevis KLDS1.0373 which was isolated from “Jiaoke”, a traditional, naturally fermented cream from...
Authors: Xin Huan Niu, Yan Gang He, Bao Hong Gao, Bai Mei Tan, Yu Ling Liu
Environmental Biotechnology
Abstract:Indium antimony(InSb) is one of the important materials which can be used to make semiconductor devices such as infrared detection device....
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