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Authors: Mei Na Liang, Hong Hu Zeng, Yi Nian Zhu, Ze Long Xu, Hui Li Liu
Environmental Biotechnology
Abstract:The activated carbon was prepared firstly by soaking sugarcane bagasse in 0.39% AlCl3 solution, and then by carbonization in a charcoal kiln...
Authors: Tao Liu, Dong Li, Jie Zhang
Environmental Biotechnology
Abstract:In order to analyze microbial community and phylogenesis in nitrosification biofilm reactor, a partial stretch of the gene encoding the...
Authors: Li Kun Huang, Guang Zhi Wang, Jin Long Zuo
Environmental Biotechnology
Abstract:In order to investigate the characteristic of volatile organic compounds (VOCs) from wastewater treatment plant (WWTP), the air and water...
Authors: Cai Yan Lu, Yi Shi, Shao Jun Wang, Ming Fen Niu, Di Zhang
Environmental Biotechnology
Abstract:The amount of soil inorganic N declined significantly with increasing of sampling depth and sampling time (P < 0.001). Compared with CK,...
Authors: Xiao Ping Li, Ding Guo Zhou, Si Qun Wang, Yi Shao
Environmental Biotechnology
Abstract:Castor stalk is one of excellent woody materials.which is the byproduct of the castor oil plant. Itwas usually burnt without use at all when...
Authors: Yong Dong Sun, Xiao Hua Du, Wen Jie Zhang, Li Sun, Ran Li
Environmental Biotechnology
Abstract:Effects of drought stress on the seed germination and physiological characteristics of amaranth were investigated. The results were as...
Authors: Shuo Du, Zhao Hui Zhang, Yu Feng Zhang, Pei Chao Jian
Environmental Biotechnology
Abstract:Using conventional flocculent activated sludge as seeding sludge, two types of mature aerobic granular sludge were respectively cultivated in...
Authors: Zhi Ying Wang, Li Zou, Yuan Yuan Shao
Environmental Biotechnology
Abstract:The fungicide chlorothalonil is considered to be non-selective and used commonly to control a broad spectrum of plant diseases. Effects of...
Authors: Xin Wang, Nai Yu Chi, Qing Fang Zhang
Environmental Biotechnology
Abstract:A moderately halophilic bacterium CNY0813 was isolated from the seabed sediment of Liaodong Bay . 16S rDNA alignment and phylogenesis...
Authors: Hai Tao Xin
Environmental Biotechnology
Abstract:A new hybrid algorithm that incorporates the gradient algorithm into the orthogonal genetic algorithm is presented in this paper. The...
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