Environmental Biotechnology and Materials Engineering

Volumes 183-185

doi: 10.4028/www.scientific.net/AMR.183-185

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Authors: Hui Bin Du, Jia Peng Hu, Yu Long Du, Guo Zhu Mao

Abstract: The paper qualitatively and quantitatively analyzes a multi-state water supply subsystem in one fire protection system using stated analysis...

Authors: Long Sun, Hai Qing Hu, Lin Ju

Abstract: The combustibility of four conifer-tree species in Xiaoxing’an Mountain, Heilongjiang Province was studied by cone calorimetric analysis....

Authors: Wen Yuan Xu, Li Qiang Mu, Long Sun, Zhi Xin Wang

Abstract: Three-year old Tilia amerensis Rupr. was taken as study subject in a pot experiment. Chlorophyll content, REC, peroxidase activity, SOD...

Authors: Xue Zheng Meng, Xiang Sheng Cao, Jie Rui Li

Abstract: The effects of molybdenum (Ⅵ) on the denitrification efficiency of activated sludge process were investigated with batch tests. The results...

Authors: Gang Li, Ke Qing Li, Li Li Liang

Abstract: An improved two – phase contact oxidation adsorption integrated bioreactor (CABR) was used to treat mixed wastewater from copper mine. The...

Authors: Jian Long Wang, Feng Wei, Che Wu, Hong Xin Yi

Abstract: Campus, sidewalk, business-street and viaduct's surface runoff in Beijing city were selected to carry on the sampling and examination,...

Authors: Yong Feng Li, Yi Xuan Wang, Lu Wang, Zhan Qing Wang

Abstract: To develop the identification of species for fermentative biohydrogen-producing bacterium, scholars have found a method which is based on...

Authors: Xiang Sheng Cao, Xue Jing Meng, Xue Zheng Meng

Abstract: With the booming construction of sewage treatment plants aiming at environmental protection, China has to face an emerging urgent task to...

Authors: Guo Liang Liu, Qi Lu Cui, Chong Wen Yu

Abstract: The drawbacks of traditional chemical degumming for raw ramie are long process line, huge energy consumption, with large environment...

Authors: Ying Wei Wang, Ke Xin Li, Yu Fei Li, Yu Wen Li

Abstract: Atmospheric turbulence and atmospheric diffusion on atmospheric environment impact assessment have influence on the job. Only use existing...


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