Environmental Biotechnology and Materials Engineering

Volumes 183-185

doi: 10.4028/www.scientific.net/AMR.183-185

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Authors: Jun Wang, Yu Wei Wang, Cui Qin Li, Jie Li

Abstract: A novel biomass cardanol sulfonate surfactant was synthesized using cardanol and oleum as raw materials, dichloromethane as solvent. The IR...

Authors: Ping Fu, Cheng Zhao, Hua Tian

Abstract: To improve the mechanical product hardness, wear resistance and corrosion resistance, Fe-SiC composite plating process and properties have...

Authors: Yan Min Zhao, Xin Hua Wang, Yan Wen Qin, Bing Hui Zheng, Lei Zhang

Abstract: Experiments were carried out to investigate the effects of ambient mercury (Hg2+) on gill Na+-K+-ATPase,...

Authors: Yong Juan Zhang, Zhang Min, Zheng Yang, Jing Yi Xie, Yong Feng Li

Abstract: The electrode material has the very important influence to the microbial fuel cell. The different electrode materials were studied for...

Authors: Fang Gu, Qian Nie

Abstract: Preparation of LiCoO2 cathode materials from spent lithium ion batteries are presented. The processes contain reduction,...

Authors: Qiong Qiong Liu, Xin Tan, Lin Zhao

Abstract: Washed kaolin produced in Maoming, Guangzhou was used as the raw material and NaOH and NaAlO2 were used as the modifiers to...

Authors: Hai Bing Liu, Li Juan Wang

Abstract: In this paper we prepared electroless Ni-plated wood veneers using two Pa activation methods. One is the traditional Pa colloid activation...

Authors: Yan Xiu Liu, Hua Song

Abstract: Oxidation extraction of thiophene from simulated oil by using K2FeO4 as oxidant and methanol as extractant has been...

Authors: Xiao Mei Tong, Min Zhang, Ling Song, Pan Ma

Abstract: A series of paraffin /poly (methyl methacrylate) blends were prepared as new kinds of form-stable phase change materials by encapsulation of...

Authors: Yi Zhou, Feng Hu Wang

Abstract: Based on the notion of environment-friendly design, low-carbon production and sustainable economic development, this paper developed the dip...


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