Environmental Biotechnology and Materials Engineering

Volumes 183-185

doi: 10.4028/www.scientific.net/AMR.183-185

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Authors: Xiang Sheng Cao, Xue Zheng Meng, Yin Zhong Wang

Abstract: Struvite precipitation in sludge dewatering filtrate was achieved in a lab-scale sequencing batch reactor. The influence of the operational...

Authors: Li Li Liang, Shu Cai Li, Gang Li, Xue Lian Yang, Bo Wu, Xing Cai Dong, Jian Guan

Abstract: The effects of various extractants removing Cr from the soil of chromite ore processing residue (COPR) deposited sites were studied in order...

Authors: Zhi Bin Liu, Chao Yang, Shou Chun Zhao

Abstract: Cyclodextrin played an important role in environmental protection in recent years.Application of cyclodextrins in enviroment science upon...

Authors: Yong Bo Lin, Xiao Xu

Abstract: In this study, we researched the removal effect of pesticides residues in vegetables after igition of scallop shells, and measured the...

Authors: Dong Qin Zhou, Shu Juan Dai, De Zhou Wei, Shu Yong Yang

Abstract: There are many factor influences on adsorption-flotation results to Pb2+ among, in the solution. The effect of co-existing alkaline-earth...

Authors: Shi Feng Ji, Chun Mei Gao, Hong Yang, Ming Chu, Chun Feng Wang

Abstract: Bio-ferric membrane bioreactor(MBR) was made through adding ferric hydroxide to traditional MBR and forming bio-ferric sludge. Through...

Authors: Ling Yang, Yu Hua Li, Hai Long Shen

Abstract: Somatic embryogenesis was obtained by using immature zygotic embryos of S. pohuashanesis as explants and emblings were obtained. For...

Authors: Xue Han, Lan Wei Zhang, Feng Zhen, Hua Xi Yi, Ming Du, Li Li Zhang, Yan Hua Li, Wei Jun Wang

Abstract: A new rapid detection the number of spores method had been developed in raw milk through analyzing dipicolinic acid. The method was based on...

Authors: Tian Lei Qiu, Xiao Hong Sun, Xu Ming Wang, Mei Lin Han, Lei Cheng, Yu Deng

Abstract: Biogas fermentation is always limited or affected at low temperature conditions, one of key factors may be physiological adaption of...

Authors: Xing Sheng Kang, Chang Qing Liu, Li Zhu Huang, Gong Fa Chang, Zhong Qiao, Bo Zhang, Xue Jun Bi

Abstract: The metabolic activity of sludge samples taken from two pilot scale activated sludge reactor was studied. The two reactors were of the same...


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