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Authors: Li Jiang, Dong Po He, Si Yao Guo, Song Han
Materials Engineering
Abstract:N-doped TiO2 were prepared by hydrothermal synthesis at different temperature. Then to test the photocatalysis by degradation of...
Authors: Guang Sheng Chen, Si Yao Guo, Feng Zhang, Shi Miao Dong, Song Han
Materials Engineering
Abstract:N, S codoped titania with high photocatalystic properties were prepared by hydrothermal method. The resulting materials were characterized by...
Authors: Yong Bo Lin, Si Yao Guo, Feng Fei Wang, Cheng Hui Zeng, Na Jiang, Bo Song, Yong Sun
Materials Engineering
Abstract:In this paper, the degradation of organophosphorus pesticide by nitrogen and sulfur codoped TiO2 photocatalysts under...
Authors: Si Yao Guo, Song Han, Dong Po He, Li Jiang
Materials Engineering
Abstract:Adjusting the nitrogen content of N doped titania which were prepared by hydrothermal method to discuss the influences of the photocatalytic...
Authors: Song Han, Feng Lu Wang, Si Yao Guo, Jin Bing Sun, Lin Yang, Li Jiang, Dong Po He
Materials Engineering
Abstract:TiO2 porous materials were prepared under hydrothermal conditions. The characteristic of the synthesized materials were measured...
Authors: Song Han, Jin Bing Sun, Wei Xiang, Si Yao Guo, Feng Lu Wang, Li Jiang, Dong Po He
Materials Engineering
Abstract:In this research, the nanometer-sized TiO2/quartz sand photocatalyst was prepared by sol-gel method. The structure of the...
Authors: Cheng Long Wang, Jing Liu, Xu Sun, Xin Zhang, Yong Liang Zhang, Xi Jun Yao
Materials Engineering
Abstract:Used the method of transplanting in studying area, simulated different arrangement of plant spacing and observed the wind speed by using...
Authors: Dan Wang, Zhan Qian Song, Shi Bin Shang, Zhan Jun Wang, Myoung Ku Lee
Materials Engineering
Abstract:Novel kenaf-based superabsorbent polymers (SAPs) were prepared by grafting acrylic acid (AA) and acrylamide (AM) onto kenaf cellulose. Graft...
Authors: Jin Kun Sun, Wei Chen, Shuang Hua Huang, Bing Li
Materials Engineering
Abstract:Taking the C30 complex high titanium heavy slag concrete (hereinafter referred to as CHTHSC) as example, this paper makes experiments and...
Authors: Ying Jie Guo, Hai Qing Ren
Materials Engineering
Abstract:In order to search whether or not the kaolin ratio was one of the crucial reasons influenced on the durability of Poplar Plywood utilizing...
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