Manufacturing Process Technology

Volumes 189-193

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Jun Jun Zhang, Dong Han, Wen Fang Li, Jun Du

Abstract: In this work, the green chemistry conversion coating on 6063 aluminium alloy surface was made and studied by means of...

Authors: Hui Wang, Hai Bin Li, Wen Cong Jiao, Jian Min Zuo

Abstract: This paper studies the technology of Electrochemical Mechanical Finishing (ECMF) on rolling bearing raceway. The principle of the technology...

Authors: Lei Tan, Xi Jun Liu, Ming Qiao Zhu

Abstract: With wide applications of FRP in civil engineering, it is necessary to study the durability of FRP reinforced concrete structure. Based on...

Authors: Na Wang, Xiang Zhou Wang, Qing Hong Fang, Er Fan Chen

Abstract: Nano-sized as-synthesized MCM-41 (with template) particle, whose pore channels and outer surface are full of organic CTAB template, is used...

Authors: Wei Qiang Hu, Zong De Liu, Guang Yang, Yong Tian Wang, Hua Lei Zhang

Abstract: A thick Fe-based amorphous and nanocrystalline composite coating was prepared by in-situ tungsten inert gas (TIG) cladding method. The...

Authors: Xiang Li, Jian Zhong Ma, Jing Xia

Abstract: The effects of extraction conditions on Extraction of Dioscin from D.zingiberensis was studied in this paper. It was shown that when the...

Authors: Hong Ye, Xiao Bin Zhang, Xia Chang, Rui Chen

Abstract: In order to improve corrosion and wear resistance of magnesium alloy, Al coating was prepared on the AZ31 magnesium alloy by the thermal...

Authors: Ming Bo Yang, Xiao Feng Liang, Yi Zhu

Abstract: The effect of direct current on the semi-solid isothermal heat-treated microstructure of ZA84 alloy is investigated. The results indicate...

Authors: Rong Guang Wang, Mitsuo Kido, Suketsuku Nakanishi, Takuji Okabe

Abstract: Micro-contaminants on SUS304 stainless steel were observed and confirmed by atomic force microscope, and the micro-contaminant removal was...

Authors: Zhong Bo Peng, Ji Lei Li, Xue Feng Han, Jun Yan

Abstract: Monitoring of tool condition is one of the most important techniques to be developed in the automatic cutting processes as it can help to...


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