Manufacturing Process Technology

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Authors: Yan Fang Yue, Bin Wei, Guang Yang, Yong Di Zhang, Jin Ye Wang

Abstract: The requirement of constructing the three-dimensional entity model for oral cavity teeth has been put forward to the research of the...

Authors: Yong Chun Guo, Jian Ping Li, Jin Shan Li, Ping Wang

Abstract: The regulation of ceramic coating formed by micro-arc oxidation on Mg-3Nd-0.2Zn-0.4Zr(wt%) magnesium alloys has been investigated by SEM and...

Authors: Xiong Lin Ye, You Li Zhu, Dong Hu Zhang

Abstract: The effects of ultrasonic deep rolling (UDR) on the fatigue behavior of pre-corroded 7A52 aluminum alloys were investigated. By means of...

Authors: Chang Wei Zou, Jun Zhang, Wei Xie, Le Xi Shao

Abstract: CrN films with deposition rates of 30-190 nm/min were deposited on Si (111) substrates by middle-frequency magnetron sputtering methods....

Authors: Zhen Huang, Cheng Wei Li, Wu Chang Feng, Mao Yuan Zhu

Abstract: A compact and versatile vibrometer is designed based on self-mixing laser diode vibrometry interference to measure the oscillation amplitude...

Authors: Yan Wei Li, Xiao Xi Huang, Jin Huan Yao, Xing Shen Deng

Abstract: The influence of saccharin addition on cathodic polarization, cathodic current efficiency, hardness, surface morphology, and internal stress...

Authors: Ke Tong, Shao Hua Li, Yan Ping Zeng, Qiang Liu, Xin Li Han

Abstract: In-situ tensile tests with specially designed SEM were conducted to trace the entire process of crack initiation and propagation till...

Authors: Zhan Ying Liu, Yang Liu, Yu Qian Wang, Jin Chen

Abstract: Through the rolling and performance test, effect of cold-rolled micro-carbon steel rolling parameters and annealing temperature has been...

Authors: Xiu Qin Bai, Jian Li

Abstract: The low temperature deposition principle of magnetron sputtering was discussed. Reactive magnetron sputtering technique was used to gain...

Authors: Feng Guo, Rong Ming Liu, Peng Fei Li

Abstract: In this paper, the influence of positive and negative voltages to the formation process of ceramic coating on aluminum alloy was studied....


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