Manufacturing Process Technology

Volumes 189-193

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Cha Qin, Zhe Zhe Hou, Hao Zhu, Yan Zhang, Qing Hua Zhao

Abstract: The microstructure analysis and hardness test were carried out on the surface of alloy nodular cast iron roll treated with CO2 laser of...

Authors: He Kai, Jiu Hua Li, Qun Luo, He Mao, Ru Xu Du

Abstract: A new method of sheet metal forming, water jet incremental sheet metal forming (WJISMF) is presented. We give the schematic illustration of...

Authors: Yu Xia Zhao, Jie Jian Di, De Wen Gao

Abstract: An impeller is the core of aviation engine components, the processing quality has a decisive impact on the performance of the engine. An...

Authors: Ming Zhao, Liang Zhu, Guang Ping He

Abstract: The present work explores an environmental friendly method for forming conversion coatings on AZ91D magnesium alloy by applying a static...

Authors: Jing Hu, Shu Kai Wang, Zheng Hua Zhou, Fei Xie, Xian Bo Pan

Abstract: A low-temperature silicon pack cementation has been developed by applying direct current field (DCF) between the treated sample and the...

Authors: Hai Guo Ren, Zhi Long Zhao

Abstract: The modification of Si-flakes from coarse acicular to fine fibrous is a common issue in Al-Si alloys casting products. The one of aims of...

Authors: Zong Fu Guo, Zhi Li Zhong

Abstract: This paper focuses on the influences of the technologies such as curing time, curing temperature and coating on the elastic modulus of...

Authors: De Ling Yang, Wan Ming Chen

Abstract: According to the existing insufficiency of researches of enterprise informatization level evaluation, building an evaluation model of...

Authors: Yong Tao Zhao, Wen Xue Li, Jun Wei Zhou

Abstract: The laser cladding of Fe power technology was used to repair worn plunger piston surface. The microstructure of cladding layer, binder...

Authors: Jian Ping Shi, Bo Lin He, Ying Xia Yu, Jing Liu

Abstract: It’s a simple technology to manufacture big trimming die by hardfacing on the die insert of cast iron. Here, the chemical composition,...


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