Manufacturing Process Technology

Volumes 189-193

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Wang Ping Wu, Zhao Feng Chen, Xin Lin

Abstract: Iridium (Ir) could be taken as high temperature protective coating for the refractory metals. Ir coating was deposited on the surface of...

Authors: Quan Dai Wang, Ji Ming Xiao, Yan Li

Abstract: Surface texturing is a widely accepted approach for friction reduction in mechanical components. Through-mask electrochemical micromachining...

Authors: Cai Yun Wang, Peng Shen, Wen Zhong, Qi Yue Liu

Abstract: The rolling contact wear is a severe problem and meets with much widespread interest in the world. This paper describes an numerical method...

Authors: Yi Tao Wu, Yan Hui Wang, Xiu Jun Sun

Abstract: The Underwater Glider is a novel Autonomous Underwater Vehicle for ocean monitoring. ANSYS based optimization technology is utilized for...

Authors: Hong Tao Wang, Gang Chang Ji, Qing Yu Chen, Xue Fei Du, Wei Fu

Abstract: In this paper the nanostructured and conventional WC-12Co feedstock powders were thermally sprayed via high velocity oxy-fuel (HVOF) on the...

Authors: Ling Min Shao, Hong Wu Guo, Li Li, Ya Lan Liu, Yi Liu

Abstract: Dyed Wood is rapidly degraded by short-wavelength UV radiation, and its degree of discoloration correlate well with the wave length. In the...

Authors: Kai Shi Li, Wen Quan Huang, Hai Jun Liu

Abstract: The paper introduces a estimation method of turning cost applied to various kinds of lathe. The method can estimate the lathe machining cost...

Authors: En Long Yang, Jing Jing Shi

Abstract: The low production rate of electrospinning process may limit the industrial use of single needle system. To meet high yield requirement and...

Authors: Xu Fang Sun

Abstract: A few problems, which appear in current Chinese developing design field, will be focus on in this article. The relationship between the...

Authors: Mei Fa Huang, Xiong Cheng, Hui Fen Liu, Jiang Tai Huang, Bing Kuang

Abstract: In order to build the software evaluation and testing platform for surface topography measuring device and related enterprise, it is urgent...


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