Manufacturing Process Technology

Volumes 189-193

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Jian Min Sun, Yi Zhang

Abstract: In order to improve wear resistance of engine cylinder, the surface hardening technology is analyzed. The hardening methods which iron...

Authors: Ji Bo Hou, Yun Liu, You Gen Peng, Ren Jie Huang

Abstract: The relationship between the groove structure of the direct current plane electromagnetic pump and efficiency has been investigated in this...

Authors: Li Xiong Gao, Li Juan Kong

Abstract: The resistivity of samples made with different shaping technology or dispersers have been measured, and researched the dispersiveness of...

Authors: Hong Wei Xing, Yue Long, Xiu Li, Gao Liang Li, Yu Zhu Zhang, Shao Ning Wang

Abstract: A gas quenching process to deal with steel slag and its characteristics of the new technology was briefly introduced. The grinding...

Authors: Jin Li Yu, Zai Liang Chen, Xin Zhang, Hui Gao

Abstract: Nozzle is an important component of the spray equipment, the thesis using the theoretical knowledge of fluid to calculate the nozzle’s size...

Authors: Lin Lin Yang, Yong Gang Wang, Yu Jiang Wang, Xiao Feng Wang

Abstract: Ni-doped Na0.5Bi0.5TiO3 crystals were synthesized and studied by X-ray diffraction (XRD), X-ray...

Authors: Zhang Hong Mei, Qiao Li Feng

Abstract: The precipitation behavior of the second phase particles was observed and studied by a carbon extraction replica technique used transmission...

Authors: Wen Gang Chen, Yu Zhou Gao, Hai Jun Wang, Ze Fei Tan

Abstract: The characteristics of the 1045 steel pairs using superfine mineral powder as grease lubricant additive were investigated by an AMSLER...

Authors: Gang Xian Zhang, Xi Ping Zeng, Wei Hu, Feng Xiu Zhang, Ling Xiao Jing

Abstract: Wearability of polyester textile is very outstanding in chemical fabric;silkworm pupae protein has good biocompatibility. In order to make a...

Authors: Sheng Zhang, Zhao Hua Wu, Hong Yan Huang, Pin Chen, Tang Wen Bi

Abstract: In the thermal design of Embedded Power Chip Microwave Modules, the placement of chips on substrate has a significant effect on internal...


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