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Authors: Wei Chen Lee, Kan Shan Shih, Ching Hang Huang, Shan Chen Chung
Abstract:Traditionally, three CT markers are attached to a surgical guide of dental implant surgery to correlate the implant positions in CT images...
Authors: Mei Yang, Zheng Lei, Xiao Hong Wang, Ping Wang, Jun Yang
Abstract:In the Na2SiO3-NaOH-C3H8O3 electrolyte system,the micro-arc oxidation (MAO) coatings...
Authors: Huai Zhong Chen
Abstract:The original adjustment process of anti-surge control of the centrifugal compressor seriously wastes energy, and the traditional PID control...
Authors: Peng Li
Abstract:HIPIB irradiation experiment is carried out at a specific ion current density of 1.1 J/cm2 with shot number from one to ten in order to...
Authors: Yun Gao, Hui Xiao Zhao, Zheng Zhou, Lei Mao, Man Hua Peng
Abstract:A new technique was proposed for preparation of LaNi5 powder by direct electrolytic deoxidation of solid La2O3–NiO...
Authors: Zhi Gang Feng, Jiang Liu, Hui Juan Li
Abstract:Simulating current sintering process used by the brickkiln, at 800 °C, i.e. calcination temperature of the marginal area of the brickkiln,...
Authors: Rong Sheng Yu, Hua Yan, Xue Mei Wang, Zhong Yong Zha
Abstract:This paper used the pressure sensitive paints(PSP) as the experimental object, the organic silicon type of the 9801 is selected as one of the...
Authors: Ji Ping Lu, Jian Hua Zuo, Shui Yuan Tang, Yue Guang Wang
Abstract:During the rolling process of big size parts, crinkle and hollows often appear in the surfaces. The reason of producing the defects is that...
Authors: Bing Xin Sun, Yong Jun Pang, Yue Ting Wang, Yong Qing Bai
Abstract:The article introduces the processing technology of outside surface galvanized and inside surface plastic-coated steel for the main gas pipe...
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