Manufacturing Process Technology

Volumes 189-193

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Bin Xu, Yu Bin Lu, Guang Ming Li, Song Xue, Bei Ping Xiang

Abstract: With the rapid development of micro injection molding, the determination of melt rheological behavior within micro mold cavity is very...

Authors: Shao Feng Zhu, Yu Cheng Wu

Abstract: In this paper, Ni-Sn-P ternary alloy coating was prepared by the electroless depositing technique. Effects of tannic chloride, reductant and...

Authors: Ping Zhu, Cheng Jin, Chun Yuan Shi

Abstract: Using the software named ABAQUS, the residual stress distributions of welding toes for the Q345C butt joints and T-joints are simulated,...

Authors: Xiao Song Liu, Xin Yu Zhang

Abstract: The exhaust gas produced by the diesel engine is reclaimed to the mixing chamber where it was mixed with pure oxygen and argon. The mixture...

Authors: Yao Dong Gu, Xue Jun Ren, Zhi Yong Li, Guo Qing Ruan, Li Yang

Abstract: Injuries of the base of the fifth metatarsal are among the most common of all skeletal injuries of the foot. The fracture is considered by...

Authors: Zhi Sun, Yan Wei Sui, Jun Li, Yan Ni Zhou

Abstract: Due to developing the strengthening effect of liquid jet peening on the surface modification for metallic materials, in this study, an...

Authors: Wei Yu Zhang, Huang Qiu Zhu, Ze Bin Yang

Abstract: In this paper, a novel radial hybrid magnetic bearing is proposed, which is driven by an AC 3-phase power converter, and biased magnetic...

Authors: Xue Bing Hu, Jian Er Zhou, Yan Xiang Wang, Yong Qing Wang, Xiao Zheng Zhang, Andre Larbot, Michel Persin

Abstract: To improve the permeate flux of ceramic membrane, commercial α-Al2O3 microfiltration membrane of 0.2 μm pore diameter...

Authors: Xiao Ming Jia, Jian Xiao Lian, Qiao Yang, Xiu Ling Zhang

Abstract: Some rust-inhibiting additives which are wildly used in water-based metalworking fluids were mixed in several lubricants which made by oleic...

Authors: Sheng Hong, Yu Ping Wu, Hong Bin Sun, Yuan Zheng, Qi Fan Dai, Zhi Hua He, Gai Ye Li

Abstract: Two different martensite stainless steel 1Cr17/Carbide-based coatings (C-1 and C-2) were prepared by electrical arc spraying technique....


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