Manufacturing Process Technology

Volumes 189-193

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Zhen Rong Zheng, Zhen Ya Gu, Rui Ting Huo, Wan Cheng Yu

Abstract: PVDF was blended with PVC to improve the weldable property of PVDF topcoat. Effects of film formation process on the surface properties of...

Authors: Jia Ju An

Abstract: A process in anodic oxidation with high current density and wide temperature range was researched for high speed forming film on the top...

Authors: Xue Yong Chen, Todd Sparks, Jian Zhong Ruan, Frank Liou

Abstract: This paper presents the usage of vibration in laser direct deposition of Ti64. The vibration is used to refine the crystalline structure of...

Authors: Lin Zong, Zheng Jun Liu

Abstract: The in-situ ceramic phases reinforced Fe-based surface coating had been produced by prepared high-carbon ferrochromium, ferrovanadium and...

Authors: Zhi Hua He, Yu Ping Wu, Hong Bin Sun, Yuan Zheng, Yu Dong, Sheng Hong, Gai Ye Li

Abstract: In order to increase cavitation erosion resistance of fluid machinery, an iron-based coating was prepared by high velocity arc spraying...

Authors: Xiao Ping Zhou, Yi Sheng Xu, Xin Bin Hu

Abstract: Mo2FeB2 Cermet Coating was deposited on Fe substrate by react flame spraying (RFS) process. Three different groups of...

Authors: Jia Min Zhang, Ming Yi Zhu, Zhao Xun Lian, Rong Zhu

Abstract: With the melt grafting method using styrene (St) as co-monomer to maleic anhydride (MAH),the VERSIFY (V ethylene-propylene copolymer of the...

Authors: Jia Min Zhang, Ming Yi Zhu, Zhao Xun Lian, Rong Zhu

Abstract: The use of L27 (35) orthogonal to the battery shell injection molding process is optimized. The main factors of technical...

Authors: Jia Jia Jing, Qing You Liu, Hai Yan Zhu, Liu Yang Wang

Abstract: This paper uses cellular element method to propose a new calculating method for drill string dynamic model, and applies the calculating...

Authors: Zi Xian Zhang, Ichiro Hagiwara, Maria Savchenko, Yi Xiong Feng, Junichi Shinoda

Abstract: In this paper, a robust tetrahedral mesh generation method based on Advancing Front technique is proposed. The proposed method inherits...


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