Manufacturing Process Technology

Volumes 189-193

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Chuan Sheng Chen, Tian Gui Liu, Liang Wu Lin, Xi Li Xie, Zhen Wu Ning, Xiao Hua Chen

Abstract: Mn-doped ZnO (Zn0.97Mn0.03O) nanorods were synthesized by sol-gel method combined with subsequent heat treatment. The...

Authors: Qiao Mu Liu, Li Tong Zhang, Zhi Xin Meng, Lai Fei Cheng

Abstract: ZrC coatings were prepared by CVD using ZrCl4, C3H6, and H2 as the precursors. The mechanisms...

Authors: Su Yong Huang, Kai Fu Li

Abstract: Small samples of Chinese fir/TiO2 composites were prepared by sol-gel method and MWLPD (microwave assistant liquid phase...

Authors: Yan Yan, Sheng Lei, An Zhong Liu

Abstract: The GCr15 steel specimens were treated through laser transformation hardening technology. Influence of the laser transformation hardened...

Authors: Shu Jun Shen, Qiu He Yang

Abstract: This paper discusses the main reasons for the leakage of hydraulic cylinder, analyzes the advantages and disadvantages of polyurethane seal...

Authors: Ming Sheng Li, Yong Zhong Fan, Shu Juan Zhang, Chang Jie Feng

Abstract: Recently, Cr-Al-N coatings have received more and more attention of researchers owing to its standing-out mechanical performances and...

Authors: Yu Hai Li, Yan Zhao, Bao Yi Li

Abstract: The Al2O3-ZrO2 composite ceramic coatings were prepared on 2A12 aluminum alloy by Microarc oxidation in the...

Authors: Chang Jun Ke, Qin Hu, Pan Jiang, Li Zhang

Abstract: optimized mix proportion of autoclaved cement concrete by orthogonal test, and studied effect of two type fibers for the flexural strength...

Authors: Zong Heng Yuan, Yan Hua Zhang, Jian Wei Zhang, Ye Fan Ge

Abstract: Applying autocorrelation method to process laser speckle patterns, the relation between surface roughness and speckle elongation and...

Authors: Jian Min Hao, Hong Chen, Dong Xiao Li, Lian Ping Li

Abstract: In this paper, LY12 alloy was processed by Plasma Micro-arc Oxidation (MAO) technique. When the aluminum alloy was processed by MAO with...


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