Manufacturing Process Technology

Volumes 189-193

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: An Jing Duan, Wei Jiang, Yao Hui Ou, Jian Jun Qin, Zhi Yi Liu

Abstract: Mechanical properties and microstructural evolution of an Al-Cu-Mg-Ag alloy during thermal exposure at elevated temperature were...

Authors: Jing Ling Ma, Jiu Ba Wen, Yan Fu Yan

Abstract: The precipitates of Al-5Zn-0.02In-1Mg-0.05Ti-0.5Ce (wt %) anode alloy were studied by scanning electron microscopy, X-ray microanalysis,...

Authors: Ti Feng Zhang, Xiao Jing Xu, Zhi Yong Ling, Wei Pang, Su Feng Wu, Xin Lan Sheng, Min Liu

Abstract: The nano-indentation and friction/wear properties of a magnetron sputtered SiC (silicon carbon) films on nanostructured titanium (produced...

Authors: Yong Zhi Chen, Zhi Ze Zan, Tie Chu Zeng

Abstract: Firstly, the article gives a summarization of current study and research in the area of cemented carbide coating technology. Secondly, the...

Authors: Xi Rong Zhao

Abstract: A new chitosan ester derivative, chitosan p-hydroxybenzoate is synthesized, which is expected to have antimicrobial activity similar to...

Authors: Jian Xin Kuang, Xin Heng Wang, An Min Liu, Hang Sheng Zhu

Abstract: To meet the high requirements of fatigue strength and thermal stability for the large forging dies, the complex strengthening process tests...

Authors: Zheng Ren Wu, Qi Chen, Mei Liu

Abstract: The effects of different flow case, including resonant case, supercritical case and subcritical case, on the nonlinear surface waves of film...

Authors: Ze Guang Han, Rui Qin Hao, Xi Jian Zheng

Abstract: In this paper, we share our experience in information collection, management and online effective life calculation of tower crane. We...

Authors: Yan Mei Zhang, Xiao Hua Jie, Zhong Hou Li, Zhong Xu

Abstract: In this paper, cobalt, tungsten and molybdenum were co-diffused into the surface of T8 steel by double glow discharge technique. A carbide...

Authors: Yang Cao, Yan Zi Yin

Abstract: Several different crystal types, different modified nano-TiO2 and conventional TiO2 were added into the coating to...


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