Manufacturing Process Technology

Volumes 189-193

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Authors: Yu Heng Lu, Cai Min Huang, Jian Min Zeng

Abstract: Al-8%Si alloy double-coating on Q235 steel were produced, Then the samples were executed diffusion at high temperatures protecting with...

Authors: Yan Hong Yan, Yu Lin Yang, Dan Zhang

Abstract: The influence of frictional wear characteristics were investigated under the Self-repairing Additive condition with different concentration...

Authors: Zhi Yong He, Zhen Xia Wang, Ying Qin Wang, Xiao Ping Liu, Zhong Xu

Abstract: TiAl-Cr alloy was prepared on surface of TiAl based alloy by plasma surface alloying technique. The wear resistance of the surface alloy was...

Authors: Xi Ran Wang, Hui Lu, Ying Wei Zhang, Xin Gang Hu, Jing Wu

Abstract: In this work, the effect of plating temperature on the electroless plating rate and the properties of the electroless Ni-Cu-P deposits was...

Authors: Bin Xiang, Hai Yun He, Ren Qing Zhu, Jin Liao, Shi Chen

Abstract: The photoaging of polyurethane coating based on TDI-TMP and N3390 was conducted though UV exposure. The properties of studied polyurethane...

Authors: Shu Xian Liu, Li Li Shen, Qian Ping Wang

Abstract: Flame sprayed ceramic coatings on the wall of coke oven are characterized before and after melting. The attempt has been made to investigate...

Authors: Bin Xiang, Qing Xiang, Jin Liao, Shi Chen, Zhong Cheng Xu

Abstract: In this paper, the artificial UV accelerated aging test was used to investigate the effect of curing agents including TDI-TMP prepolymer,...

Authors: Hai Li Yang, Ping Ju Hao, Guo Zhang Tang, Yun Gang Li

Abstract: The siliconized layer on low silicon steel substrate was produced under pulse current conditions from KCl-NaCl-NaF-SiO2 molten...

Authors: Shao Wei Hu, Jun Lu, Xiaoqing Zhong

Abstract: This paper first elaborates the domestic and foreign study and applying current situation in terms of the concrete testing field regarding...

Authors: Ai Hong Wang, Ge Ning Xu, Ping Yang, You Shan Gao

Abstract: In order to calculate the fatigue life, lifting or unloading position, lifting weight and load mobile line of crane with automatic...


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