Manufacturing Process Technology

Volumes 189-193

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Yan Yan Yan, Jun Li Liu, Bo Zhao

Abstract: By means of Adaptive Neural-Fuzzy Inference Systems(ANFIS), the prediction model of surface roughness of zirconia toughened alumina ceramics...

Authors: Hui Cun Shen, Wan Shuan Zong, Ji Feng Liang

Abstract: Under dry cutting conditions, multi-factor orthogonal experiment test method is adopted to carry out experiment of milling gray cast iron...

Authors: Xin Le Miao, Yong Yao, Yu Wang, Yun Peng Chu

Abstract: lightweight composite paper honeycomb core wallboard as green building materials and low carbon product of modern life, its lightweight and...

Authors: Yu Zhang, Chuan Guo Ma

Abstract: Aligned carbon nanotubes(CNTs)/epoxy resin(EP) composites were prepared under a low magnetic field (B<500mT) induction. The effect of...

Authors: Li Juan Wang, Jian Li

Abstract: A short electroless Ni-P plating process for preparing EMI shielding wood-based composite was studied. Birch and Fraxnus madshurica veneers...

Authors: Qing Wang, Yang Cao

Abstract: Several algorithms were proposed relating to the development of a framework of the perturbation-based stochastic finite element method...

Authors: Xiao Guang Yu, Jian Liu

Abstract: In order to simulate the fault of a single rolling bearing, this paper used the fault diagnosis lab desk to simulate some representative...

Authors: De Shan Cheng, Xiao Yan Liu, Ji Hong Wu, Wei Dong Yu

Abstract: This research presented the preparation of multilayer films on poly(ethylene terephalate) (PET) Substrate by electrostatic self-assembly...

Authors: Pi Wen Wang, Chun Hsien Yang, Mu Tian Yan

Abstract: A high stable wire transport system of wire-cut electrical discharge machine (WEDM) that can exercise the micro-wire machining is developed...

Authors: Shi Ling Yang, Jian Hua Zhang, Ying Dong, Xue Jie Cao

Abstract: The temperature field of blast furnace tap hole clay was analyzed by using ABAQUS software. Samples taken from the tap-hole clay in depth of...


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