Manufacturing Process Technology

Volumes 189-193

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Sui Ran Yu, Jing Tao

Abstract: The steering column assembly which connects the steering wheel and the steering gear is a very important part of the steering system. This...

Authors: Wang Chen, Yin Pei Wang, Pei Ning Li, Chen Jin, Xiao Ming Sun

Abstract: Elbow is a type of components widely used in a piping system, and so it is very important to know the plastic carrying capacity of elbow. In...

Authors: Li Li Liang, D.G. Yang

Abstract: The proportion of LED in the lighting area gradually increased. But its high price, the low luminous efficiency, reliability problems...

Authors: Gautier List, Guy Sutter, Xue Feng Bi, Abdenbi Bouthiche, Jean Jacques Arnoux

Abstract: Numerical and experimental approaches are mutually conducted to investigate the temperature rise in steel machining at high cutting speed....

Authors: Behnam Davoodi, Mohammad Reza Eslami, Gholam Hassan Payganeh

Abstract: As respects of usage of widespread machining procedures in producing industrial pieces, optimization of this procedure is one of most...

Authors: Jian Chun Ding, Fa Guo Sun

Abstract: The paper is to develop a new approach to analyze the reliability of pressure-reducing valve basing on commercial software Ansys. After...

Authors: Yong Lin Ma, Miao Cai, Qiang Han, Wen Li He

Abstract: The FEM simulation is used to study the intermediate frequency induced heating process. The temperature distributions and temperature...

Authors: Jeng Haur Horng, Yang Yuan Chen, Horng Wen Wu, Chin Chung Wei, Shin Yuh Chern

Abstract: Based on a three-body micro-contact mechanism and contact temperature theory, a micro-contact temperature model was developed to investigate...

Authors: Wei Lo, Yih Tzoo Chen

Abstract: Many techniques have been developed to analyze the time impact and the costs caused by the disruptions of the project works. However, most...

Authors: Li Xiao Jia, Yong Zhen Zhang, Yong Ping Niu, San Ming Du, Jian Li

Abstract: In order to decrease accidents of slips and falls, COFs of rubber samples with different surface roughness were measured by Brungraber Mark...


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