Manufacturing Process Technology

Volumes 189-193

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Wei Jin An, Xin Song, Wen Ming Yang

Abstract: With the more profound requirements for knowledge resource application in the complex production collaborative design, a complex production...

Authors: Hui Qun Yuan, Ying Li, Dong Li, Wen Bo Wu

Abstract: Considering gyroscopic effect and flexibility of the shaft, the eight freedoms dynamic model is established. The dynamic characteristic and...

Authors: Xian Zhao Jia, Hong Biao Han, Yong Gang Liu, Wei Min Pan

Abstract: The virtual design platform for large mine elevators was established by using the informationization unit technology of manufacturing...

Authors: Yu Heng Wang, Qing Bang Shu, Tai Jiao Du, Fan Yuan Meng, Xiao Ya Yang, Li Bing Cai

Abstract: There are two protection structures for duralumin sheet, including surface anodizing and spraying ZrO2 coating, designed for...

Authors: Kai Lin Pan, Jing Huang, Jing Liu, Wei Tao Zhu, Guo Tao Ren

Abstract: Electronic package development is driven by the continuous increase in demands for miniaturization of products with enhanced performances....

Authors: Jian Jun Sha, Xu Nuan Hao, Jing Wang, Xiao Wei Gao

Abstract: The realization of a fusion reactor is critically dependent on the successful development of high performance materials. Especially, the...

Authors: Jun Fu, Yu Qin, Qing Jun Ding

Abstract: The influences of longitudinal gradient on the large longitudinal slope rigid base composite road of cross river(sea) tunnel are concerned...

Authors: Li Hong Qiao, Yi Xin Zhu

Abstract: In order to effectively represent assembly process information based on three dimensional (3D) models and rapidly extract the necessary...

Authors: Fan Yang, Jian Long Huang

Abstract: In order to correctly analyze the effect of water vapor cooling in metal cutting process, the turning process of AISI 1045 in the water...

Authors: Hui Ming Zou, Li Qin Zhang, Guo Hong Peng, Chang Qing Tian

Abstract: This paper presents a method of piston stroke design optimization for linear compressor to get high efficiency.Two linear compressor...


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