Manufacturing Process Technology

Volumes 189-193

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Authors: Hua Wu Liu, Ping Xu, Dang Feng Zhao

Abstract: A mathematical model was derived to describe knots in radiata pine logs and the boards quarter-sawn from these logs, based on the...

Authors: Fang Xi Song, Lian Hong Zhang, Zhi Liang Wu, Le Ping Wang

Abstract: Investigation on the turbulence model for resistance calculation for autonomous underwater vehicles (AUV) with the typical Myring shape is...

Authors: Rui Wang, Hong Zhong Li

Abstract: The mathematic model of 3D aluminum extrusion processes using finite volume method (FVM) was established in this paper. The basic theories...

Authors: Hai Yan Wang, Hui Ping Ren, Zi Li Jin, Cui Zong

Abstract: The effect of rare earth (RE) on microstructure and impact toughness of hot rolled low carbon structure steel based on the Compact strip...

Authors: Chien Hsiung Tsai, Yao Nan Wang, Chang Hsien Tai, Jr Ming Miao, Jik Chang Leong

Abstract: This work employs FDS to simulate the heating process of a tunnel-type dryer and visualizes the computational results using Smokeview. The...

Authors: Fang Tsung Liu, Ceweng Erh Weng, Chien Ming Huang, Chang Yan Yang, Huang Chu Huang

Abstract: In this paper, the research topic is that the expert experience is established by the size of the measured signal strength of wireless...

Authors: Jun Ming Wang, Ren Zhen Ye, Hui Peng Chen, Hong Zan Bin

Abstract: Undeformed chip thickness is one of the most important parameters in grinding process, which is related to the entire abrasive grains in...

Authors: Yun Jian Cheng, Hong Jiang, Xiao Chun Wang

Abstract: A novel limited slip differential mechanism for wheeled vehicle is introduced in this paper. A new modeling method for spatial cam mechanism...

Authors: Gui Hua Liu, Yong Qiang Guo, Zhi Jiang

Abstract: By using Deform-3D software, the necking extrusion forming processes of integer trailer axle with two different heating means which are...

Authors: Lin Cai, Jin Li Wang, Hong Tao Zheng

Abstract: Annular flow is a based flow pattern of two-phase in the pipe, and oil air flow in delivery pipe of Oil-Air lubrication (OAL) system is one...


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