Manufacturing Process Technology

Volumes 189-193

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: A. Khurshid, A. Ghafoor, M.A. Malik

Abstract: Soft fingers contribute to dexterous grasping on account of the area contact and high friction involved. This paper presents a novel...

Authors: Qing Li, Yu Guo, Tai Yong Wang

Abstract: The face gear drive is a gear meshing drive with cylindrical gear and bevel gear. Because of its small space, high contact ratio, large...

Authors: Yan Shu Zhang, Quan Lin Jin

Abstract: Commercially pure titanium (CP Ti), grade II, is subjected to hot compression at temperatures ranging from 673 to 973 K with 50 K intervals...

Authors: Ya Nan Zhao, Li Quan Wang, Hong Wang Du

Abstract: The wave force spectrum expressed in terms of Morison's equation was deduced by ocean wave theory and spectral analysis theory, and the...

Authors: Qiu Liang Zhang, Lei Guo, Shan Bai Xiong, Si Ming Zhao

Abstract: The first-order kinetic models were used in the article to study the effect of the addition of gum acacia (A1), the ratio of core...

Authors: Chun Jie Liu, Xi Wang, De’an Wan

Abstract: The monolithic flexible joint is introduced as a novel component of inertial guidance instrument. The angular stiffness of the joint is...

Authors: Wei Huang, Zhong You

Abstract: Flexible pipes with helical reinforcement are widely used in the marine engineering and tissue engineering because of their low bending...

Authors: Romain Boman, Jean Philippe Ponthot

Abstract: Due to the length of the mill, accurate modelling of stationary solution of continuous cold roll forming by the finite element method using...

Authors: Jia Jia Zhang, Chang Long Du, Song Yong Liu, Hao Jiang

Abstract: In order to find the distribution law of coal fragmentation, mathematic model of size distribution was built according to fractal theory....

Authors: Chang Long Du, Yu Liu, Jian Ping Li

Abstract: The spherical impact is a common phenomenon in mechanical engineering. The elasto-plastic impact is more complicate than the elastic impact....


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