Manufacturing Process Technology

Volumes 189-193

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Feng Hui Wang, An Yuan Jiao, Hong Zhi Shao, Xing Qi Gao

Abstract: W1002 excavator has been widely used in iron and steel corporations in northern China. As the main component of excavator, the dipper handle...

Authors: Yu Hou Wu, Li Xiu Zhang

Abstract: High speed machining (HSM) technology is used in a broad range of applications to machine ferrous metals and nonmetallic material. The...

Authors: Jun Ma, Ying Chun Han

Abstract: In order to save energy and material, and reduce productive costs, in accordance with the geometrical characteristics of rear axle housing...

Authors: Rui Hu, Zuo Min Liu, Chun Xia Xu

Abstract: In order to enhance the lubricating capacity of the magnetic lubrication on the surface of the porous material, a new magnetic lubricating...

Authors: Gen Lin Yang, Zhi Ming Ni, Jin Han, Er Min Wang

Abstract: In order to study the low-temperature expansion process of NiTiNb shape memory alloy, this paper makes use of numerical simulation method to...

Authors: Hua Wei, Yan Jun Cheng, Zhi Yuan Peng, Hai Jun Wang

Abstract: 1MW variable speed constant frequency wind turbine tower of steel structure is analyzed by using the software ANSYS, the coupling between...

Authors: Jin Xia Zhang, Fu Sheng Niu, Shu Xian Liu, Yi Miao Nie

Abstract: Based on the study on the characteristics of a limonite ore, research was made on single reverse flotation for Xinjiang limonite ore. The...

Authors: Sung Chi Hsu, Bo Jing Lai, Wei Hsu, Juir Ren Lai

Abstract: The subject of this research mainly focuses on the gravel formation along the western foothill of Taiwan. Numerical simulations are...

Authors: Bruce L. Tai, David Stephenson, Steven White, Albert Shih

Abstract: This study investigates the effect of air pressure on workpiece temperature in through tool minimum quantity lubrication (MQL) deep-hole...

Authors: Hua Wu Liu, Ping Xu, Kai Fang Xie

Abstract: This study developed new algorithms to simulate the grain pattern and orientation of radiata pine boards based on the geometrical and growth...


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