Manufacturing Process Technology

Volumes 189-193

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Tie Min Zhang, Zhi Yang Xie, Jian Tao Zhang

Abstract: An ultrasonic motor (USM) has been widely used in many applications since it has several advantages over the conventional electromagnetic...

Authors: Yi Wen Lei, Wei Niu

Abstract: This work deals with the processing parameter prediction of laser clad TiC/NiCrBSiC coatings on Ti6Al4V alloys by Finite Element Method....

Authors: Liang De Wang, Jun Zhao, Yu Gang Jiang

Abstract: This paper outlines the development of a 3D finite element model (FEM) for the H13 milling, Deform 3D software was used for ball end milling...

Authors: Liang Hong Xiao, Liang Tang, Zi Hua Hu, Zheng Kuang, Ju Long Yuan

Abstract: By considering the effects of flank milling deformation on machining quality of thin-walled rectangle plate, the flexible force model of...

Authors: You Dong Chen, Jin Jun Ye, Hua Song Min, Mei Hua Han

Abstract: The CNC system is a complex mechatronics system, which make it difficult to diagnose fault. Expert system for fault diagnosis that utilizes...

Authors: Shao Hua Shen, Xiang Dong Shi

Abstract: Involute beveloid gear is one of the involute spur gears .It can be work with parallel axes, intersecting Axes, crossed Axes. Lateral...

Authors: Li Zhi Gu, Li Peng, Lei Peng, Li Qiong

Abstract: A virtual measurement system for geometric surfaces of some specific mechanical components was created with Cage Method and Virtual Probe...

Authors: San Gang Yao, Hang Li, Dong Hong Si, Yu Jun Xue, Ji Shun Li

Abstract: In this paper the implementation procedure of Human Head curve reconstitution has been investigated and the curve reconstitution model has...

Authors: Wen Liang Ma, Dong Yu Ji, Jian Hua Zhang

Abstract: This paper adopts semi-analytical finite cylindrical shell element method to research the local stability of buried stiffened-penstock, and...

Authors: Wasan Theansuwan, Montee Monteepila, Keartisak Sriprateep

Abstract: The aim of this research is to design and fabricate the machine for production of bio-oil from agricultural residues in northeast of...


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