Manufacturing Process Technology

Volumes 189-193

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Ying Tang Zhang, Hua Wa Yu, Qiu Ping Wang, Guang Xi Zhou, Jun Fang Wu

Abstract: The original grating is etched by using the nanometer etching function of Scanning Probe Microscopy (SPM). There are five grooves etched on...

Authors: Guy Sutter, Gautier List, Xue Feng Bi, Jean Jacques Arnoux, Adbenbi Bouthiche

Abstract: An experimental method using a specifically set-up is presented in order to investigate dry friction phenomena, which occurs in the cutting...

Authors: Kuai Ji Cai, Fei Hu Zhang

Abstract: Al/SiCp composite material is rapidly advanced due to its applications to weapon, military, aeronautics and astronautics. In some cases,...

Authors: Jung Chung Hung, Ching Shyong Shieh

Abstract: This study attempted to design and develop an integrated system of a microforming apparatus with ultrasonic-vibration device. A closed-loop...

Authors: Guo Ping Li, Tong Peng Han, Li Sheng Shu

Abstract: Noncircular turning is necessary for machining various irregular shaped workpieces. Tool positioning control is essential for a noncircular...

Authors: Bo Zhao, Jun Jin Ma, Ping Yan Bian, Yu Li

Abstract: In this paper the relationship of the efficiency of ultrasonic grinding and abrasive movement are studied. Ultrasonic grinding grain...

Authors: Ya Li Hou, Chang He Li, Guo Yu Liu

Abstract: Abrasive machining is a widely employed finishing process for different-to-cut materials such as metals, ceramics, glass, rocks, etc to...

Authors: Yong Chang Guo, Young Kyun Lee, Hyun Seop Lee, Hae Do Jeong

Abstract: Groove pads are used quite widely in chemical mechanical polishing (CMP), and groove size plays an important role in CMP characteristics....

Authors: Lian Fu Han, Qiang Ma, Wen Yan Tang, Chang Feng Fu

Abstract: In order to decrease the influence of installation eccentricity on gear error evaluation and to raise its accuracy, a compensation algorithm...

Authors: Song Yi Dian, Hang Dong, Wei Gao

Abstract: In this study, a novel sensorless control to yield sub-micron precision positioning performance and low cost has been introduced to a Sawyer...


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