Manufacturing Process Technology

Volumes 189-193

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Mei Wu Peng, Shun Tian Yang, Xian Lun Jiang

Abstract: This thesis undertakes research of model construction of the blade, virtual machine with the UG software based on the steam turbine blade's...

Authors: Tao Xu, Tie Cheng Lu, Yan Shi, Xiao Dong Wan

Abstract: The operation characteristics and reliability of composite insulator are analyzed in this paper based on operation experiences and test...

Authors: Fa Qin Dong, Qiong Si

Abstract: The electromagnetic shielding properties of short carbon fibers and graphite concrete were investigated, and the influence of the contents...

Authors: Yi Ran Wang

Abstract: When applied in E-Business, the technology of Web Services based on SOAP protocol can promote integration of E-commerce and distributed...

Authors: Xian Zhang, Yue Cao

Abstract: Red-emitting phosphors Ca0.7-x Eu0.3Z4(X=0, 0.02, 0.04, 0.06, 0.08, 0.1)were fabricated by a solid...

Authors: Wei Yang, Qiang Yin, Kun Wang Niu, Jiao Zhang, Wen Dong Zhang

Abstract: According to the structural characteristics of the multi-channel high-low pressure micro-ejection system,this paper sets up mathematical...

Authors: Yue Li, Chao Yan, Xiu Li Du, Yong Zhang, Qiao Lei

Abstract: Self-compacting concrete (SCC) has been used widely. However, the study of life-span prediction of self-compacting reinforced concrete is...

Authors: Li Li Yang, Man Jin, Chao Feng Xia

Abstract: The effect of the copper additions on the heating process and the microstructure of 6082Al-Mg-Si alloys was investigated. The results show...

Authors: Huai Ren Guo, Yun Peng Chu

Abstract: The design of steel column base plays a very important role in steel structure design. Through large-scale analysis software ANSYS, this...

Authors: Shi Quan Liu, Jian Cun Rao, Hai Xia Wang, Hui Zhao

Abstract: Mesoporous silica hollow microspheres were quickly synthesized with a simple reaction medium which only contains tetraethylorthosilicate...


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