Manufacturing Process Technology

Volumes 189-193

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Fei Xue, Wan Hua Zhao, Yao Long Chen

Abstract: Granite is a kind of high damping material with low thermal expansion, so it is widely used in aerostatic guideways. However, moisture...

Authors: Yi Ping Zhao, Yu Xin Zhang, Qing Song Zhang, Li Chen

Abstract: A novel copolymer of poly(acrylamide-co-acrylamido azobenzene) consisting of acrylamide (AAm) and acrylamido azobenzene (AAAB) was...

Authors: Ireneusz Malujda

Abstract: The purpose of modelling the processes of compression and thermal softening of particulate, as well as porous and anisotropic materials is...

Authors: E.G. Domek

Abstract: The work treats about problem of designing of gear with timing belt depending on expected character of exploitation. The work presents...

Authors: Hong Liang Lou, Xing Lin Li, Xian Zhao Xu, Yang Ping Zhang, Zhong Hua Yu

Abstract: When sequential compliance method is used for Weibull distributions, the shape parameter is usually considered to be fixed. However, because...

Authors: Huai Ren Guo

Abstract: Concrete frame structure in epicenter region has greatly damaged by Wenchuan Earthquake, especially short columns. Plenty of means for...

Authors: Xue Tao Qiao, Yun Sheng Li, Hui Ying Zhao, Long Wu, Ze Xiang Zhao

Abstract: The epoxy resin concrete is one of high performance composite materials used to the basic parts of machine tool and measuring instruments....

Authors: Jie Chen Mu, Li Peng Zhang

Abstract: The cermets were prepared for aluminum electrolysis as inert anode. The microstructure of cermets inter anode was dense , the crystal of...

Authors: Zhao Ji Hu, Ting Zhang

Abstract: Creep fracture mechanics parameter C* is used to relate the data of Creep crack initiation (CCI) and Creep crack growth (CCG). Reference...

Authors: Gui Hua Hou, Zhan Hong Wang

Abstract: Iron tailings is the bulk waste produced by steel plants that has not yet been used. In this study, the mineral composition of iron tailings...


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