Advanced Engineering Materials

Volumes 194-196

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Bao Hong Tian, Yong Qiang Dai, Yi Zhang, Yong Liu

Abstract: Internal oxidation is one of the most common methods to produce in situ nano oxide particles dispersion strengthened copper base composite...

Authors: Hui Gai Wang, Fei Wang, Yan Pei Song, Zun Jie Wei

Abstract: With the reaction between titanium (Ti) sponge, high purity aluminum (Al) and TiC/Al inter-alloy, non-consumable arc melting technique has...

Authors: Ying Hai Lv, Gui Jiang Li, Li Qiang Cui, Hua Xiao Yan, Shi Xue Zhou

Abstract: The existential state of protein in complexes directly affects the performance and applications of the composite materials. The interlayer...

Authors: De Yi Zhang, Ying Ma, Yi Wang, Hui Xia Feng, Jiao Chen, Jia Can Zhu, Yuan Hao

Abstract: In this paper, a novel sulfonic acid-functionalized carbon/loess composite was prepared using sucrose as carbon source and loess as raw...

Authors: Wei Tian, Yan Qing Li, Fei Ye, Cheng Yan Zhu

Abstract: Three-dimensional (3D) integrated cellular woven structures are formed by binding layers of typical 3D woven structures together in the...

Authors: Su Yong Huang, Kai Fu Li

Abstract: Small samples of Chinese fir/TiO2 Composite were prepared using sol-gel method and microwave assisted liquid phase deposition...

Authors: Jian Xu, Pei Xian Zhu, Hui Yu Ma, Sheng Gang Zhou

Abstract: We proposed using Ti-Al and Ti-Cu laminated composites instead of single Ti electrode metals, as well as studied the difference in...

Authors: Tian Chun Zou, Zhen Yu Feng, Hao Lei Mou, Ke Yi Mao

Abstract: The result shows: If probabilistic methods were used to conduct compliance analysis for composite structure damage tolerance. When the...

Authors: Ke Jie Zhang, Hong Yan Zhou, Xiao Heng Liu, Xin Wang

Abstract: Zinc sulfide (ZnS) nanocrystals with graphite sheaths were obtained from pyrolysis of bis(2-mercaptobenzothiazolato)-zinc (II) in nitrogen...

Authors: Wen Ying Zhou, Jiang Tao Cai, An Ning Zhou

Abstract: Micro-sized aluminum (Al) reinforced silicone rubber composites were prepared, and the thermal properties of the composites were...


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