Advanced Manufacturing Systems, ICMSE 2011

Volumes 201-203

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Yong Zeng, Jun Gong, Tao Sun

Abstract: We attempt to resolve the spray trajectory planning efficiency and the coating thickness uniformity for big curvature surface on complex...

Authors: Enaiyat Ghani Ovy, Mohammad Rokonuzzaman, Shah Muhammad Ferdous, Nurul Absar Chowdhury

Abstract: Due to the quick evolution of manufacturing processes, the demand for more flexible automation systems is on the rise. To answer these...

Authors: Mohammad Rokonuzzaman, Shah Muhammad Ferdous, Enaiyat Ghani Ovy, Md. Ashraful Hoque

Abstract: Line following automated robots is extensively used in industries for smooth running of production. This paper presents a simple and...

Authors: Enaiyat Ghani Ovy, Shah Muhammad Ferdous, Mohammad Rokonuzzaman, Nurul Absar Chowdhury

Abstract: This project is intended to design an articulated robotic arm which could locate a point in space with its given coordinates at three...

Authors: Tie Jun Zhao

Abstract: This research is aimed at dynamically stable motion and safety of mobile humanoid robots expected to work in a human living space. The...

Authors: Han Xiang Wang, Hui Lou, Lin Li, Nai He Hou, Jian Zhang, Yan Xin Liu

Abstract: Under the conditions of downhole closure in oil well, the wired transmission of the data signal including downhole temperature and pressure...

Authors: Lei Wang, Tian Zhong Sui, Yu Song, Hai Xiang Zhao, Bo Ran Zhuang

Abstract: An example of the rule-based expert system applied to the fan fault diagnosis is presented. The architecture and function of the fault...

Authors: Hai Ling Shi, Yi Mei Song, Jia Wei Xiang, Wei Wei Yue, Cai Liao

Abstract: The remote monitoring system for fault diagnosis based on B/S model is established using ActiveX control and virtual instrument (VI)...

Authors: Zhi Xin Chen, Jin Liang, Chen Guo

Abstract: The traditional deformation measurement have many limitations, According to actual measurement need, it is requested not only comprehensive,...

Authors: Shu De Li, Yi Chen, Cai Xia Liu

Abstract: Since communication network is introduced into control system, induced-delay appears. Because of the delay, the performance of networked...


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