Advanced Manufacturing Systems, ICMSE 2011

Volumes 201-203

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Cong Yun Zhu

Abstract: In this paper, the thickness of the different layer of the multiple-layer homogeneous structure. is optimized designed on the condition that...

Authors: Jium Ming Lin, Po Kuang Chang

Abstract: This research is to extend Ziegler-Nichols based PID controller design method to the intelligent fuzzy PID controller design of a Scanning...

Authors: Lu Wang, Neng Gang Xie, Rui Meng

Abstract: Mixed traffic flow is the basic characteristic of urban traffic. In pedestrian crosswalk without signals, there are a lot of traffic...

Authors: Xing Ling Shao, Wei Yang, Zheng Yan Wang, Wen Dong Zhang

Abstract: With the development of modem broadband radar, amount of reaserchers focus on broadband radar echo signal acquisitions and feature...

Authors: Sen Peng, Fei Yun Xu, Min Ping Jia, Jian Zhong Hu

Abstract: In this paper, a novel approach is proposed to extract features from the bispectra of mechanical fault signals using non-negative tensor...

Authors: Hong Yu Zhou, Xiao Jian Chen, Zi Hu Chen, Ming Wei Tong

Abstract: In view of the insufficiency of central air-conditioning system that FCU, water pumps and air blower’s movement connot match with the actual...

Authors: Yu Bai, Yun Hai Hou, Zhi Wei Chen, Yong Jun Song

Abstract: Robot touch sensation is an important feeling pattern for robots to gain environment information in non-vision sensor domain, in this...

Authors: Cong Yun Zhu

Abstract: Three-layer micro perforated plate of the automotive body is researched. Acoustic impedance of the three-layer microperforated plate of the...

Authors: Chun Qiang Jia, Wei Li, Ling Yu

Abstract: For the insufficient setting load of powered props of powered supports, an automatic booster valve, which can work continuously, is...

Authors: Wei Sun, Guo Xiang Meng, Qian Ye, Wen Hua Xie

Abstract: Tubing plugging often occurs and brings some difficulties to industrial production. This paper proposes a simple pneumatic impactor which...


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