Advanced Manufacturing Systems, ICMSE 2011

Volumes 201-203

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Yong Xu, Guo Qing Zhang, Fei Wang

Abstract: The unsteady viscous flow of the supersonic jet element (SJE) was simulated numerically based on CFD technology. A dual time-stepping scheme...

Authors: Miao Zhang, Ning Bo Liao, Chen Zhou, Xi Tao

Abstract: When using graph theory to conduct intelligent design for kinematic structure enumeration, the isomorphism identification of graphs is an...

Authors: Shi Qiang Zhang, Zi Qin Li, Xue Li Wei, Hui Gang Wang

Abstract: A 1arge-scale tumble rather than swirl would exist in the cylinder in the case of two valves’ opening in a four-valve engine. A strong swirl...

Authors: Jun Jun Zhang, Ji Sheng Wang, Jiang Yong Wang, Gang Liu, Jie Wang

Abstract: As one of the important questions in the design of hydraulic manifold block — connection order of network, give a solution based on genetic...

Authors: Wan Zhen Shao, Yong Hua Li, Yue Wu, Li Wang

Abstract: Based on fuzzy control theory and algorithms, the speed control of fluid coupling was presented. According to variable speed principles and...

Authors: Jian Zhuo Zhang, Kang Kang Li, Meng Gao, Tian Zi Zhu

Abstract: The cycle function of input flow rate was obtained by Fourier transformation of the instantaneous input flow rate of external mesh gear...

Authors: Yan Min Li, Zhi Hua Liu, Dong Wang, Yong Zhang

Abstract: The paper discusses the performance of a hydraulic system controlling the shifting action of a construction vehicle transmission. Based on...

Authors: Jing Yuan Chen, Xiu Qin Fan, Zheng Liu

Abstract: For the problem of gas accumulation in upper corner of "U" type ventilation system mining face, a new approach to eliminating gas...

Authors: Kang Min Zhong, Xin Li, Wen Fang Zhang

Abstract: Pneumatic Presses are marked by features of high-motion speed, high productivity, energy conservation and environmental protection. The...

Authors: Guang Ju Si, Kang Min Zhong, Jun Peng Jia

Abstract: Two-point floating clamping device, widely used in manufacturing field, can effectively ensure the same clamping force on different...


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