Advanced Manufacturing Systems, ICMSE 2011

Volumes 201-203

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Ming Di Wang, Kang Min Zhong, Zheng Chen

Abstract: The reciprocating rectilinear moving mechanism is applied widely in the industry, which is now usually driven by the non-symmetrical...

Authors: Yan Li Chen, Shu Nan Liu, Tao Shang, Jia Lin Liu, Yuan Kun Zhang, Dan Tong Xie

Abstract: A new structure of hydraulic hybrid vehicle (HHV) with hydraulic transformer (HT) was built and the working principle of the new hydraulic...

Authors: Qin Li, Fu Bao Li, Xing Ye Su

Abstract: A new type of device of laminar water draining with no external force is proposed in this essay which established the physical and...

Authors: Guang Bin Duan, Zong Ming Liu, Wei Xiang Wu

Abstract: This paper reported characteristics of gas-solid two-phase flow for a Y-shaped branch pipe. Y-shaped branch pipeline with one fixed and one...

Authors: Zong Ming Liu, Guang Bin Duan, Guang Li Chen

Abstract: This work concentrated on being able to predict the resistance properties of Y-shaped branch pipe in gas-solid two phase flow. Y-shaped...

Authors: Fan Wu, Ming Di Wang, Kang Min Zhong

Abstract: According to the conception of symmetric beauty in the aesthetics, a new kind of numerical control press with double operating positions...

Authors: Yin Zhuo Bai, Guang Ju Si, Xin Li, Kang Min Zhong

Abstract: Hydraulic transmission clamping device may cause environmental pollution due to the existing of fluid pump and open oil tank. A new-concept...

Authors: Jing Yao, Xiang Dong Kong

Abstract: With the rapid development of modern industry, more and more high requirements for forging velocity and control precision have been...

Authors: Yu Fen Chen, Te Hua Fang, Chen Chih Huang, Chien Hung Liu, Wen Hsiang Hsieh

Abstract: This study discuss the distribution of the flows when the forced convection impacted on the spin and the static in table tennis; the...

Authors: Rang Shu Xu, Juan Juan Wang, Wei Xu, Li Bo Liu

Abstract: The main bearing chamber is a major part of the lubrication system in aero-engine, it is important to know the influence of operation...


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