Advanced Manufacturing Systems, ICMSE 2011

Volumes 201-203

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Da Teng Zheng, Ye Tai Fei, Yong Gang Hu, Rui Chang Yang

Abstract: One of the main reasons on Flexible Coordinate Measuring Machines’ (FCMM) less application is that its accuracy can’t meet the practical...

Authors: Jia Lin Xu, Guo Kun Zuo, Jian Hua Chen

Abstract: In order to verify the performance of the designed temperature controller of the plastic extruder using supercritical CO2, we...

Authors: He Xun Wang, Chong Liu, Yu Qing Sun

Abstract: AdaBoost algorithm can achieve better performance by averaging over the predictions of some weak hypotheses. To improve the power of...

Authors: Ming Li

Abstract: Galileo system is a new satellite navigation system. In this paper, a Galileo signal receiver based on W phase detector is presented. It can...

Authors: Yi Zhang, Hui Zhi Sun, Hong Zhou

Abstract: This paper introduces the structure and work principle of a two-coordinate precision magnetic stage. “The same plane” mode and magnetic...

Authors: Lai Gang Zhao, Dao Jiong Chen

Abstract: Fuzzy control methods are widely used in Adaptive Cruise Control System as time passes by,but there are also various limitations for its...

Authors: Fang He, Xiao Li, Qiang Wang

Abstract: In order to improve the performance of networked control system which has the characteristic of uncertain time delay, predictive control is...

Authors: Gong Xuan Cai

Abstract: This paper analyses the construction mode and the structure composition of hardware and software of networked virtual test system; explores...

Authors: Hui Rong Li, Li Juan Pang, Xue Feng Zhang, Gang Deng, Yan Wei Tong

Abstract: According to the demand of data acquisition in power system, the intelligent wattmeter is constructed, which is based on DSP and FPGA as the...

Authors: Xue Dan Wang, Bai Chen Gao

Abstract: Compensation effects of the active power filter based on PWM converters are mainly affected by two factors: ① time lagging of reference...


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