Advanced Manufacturing Systems, ICMSE 2011

Volumes 201-203

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Rui Li Chang, Jun Han

Abstract: In this paper, according to the wheeled mobile robot with three wheels, the motor driving system of robot is researched. Based on robot...

Authors: Liang Yih Liu, Hsiung Cheng Lin

Abstract: In this paper, the force control of a constrained one-link flexible arm is fully studied based on a linear distributed parameter model,...

Authors: Rong Jiang Cui, Zong He Guo, Zi Xun Yin, Song Song Zhu

Abstract: First, the branched-chain of parallel mechanism was Classified according to reciprocal screw theory. Then, the introduction of variable...

Authors: Yun Yu Liu, Xiao Yan Zhang, Huan Yu Zhang

Abstract: Though research and developmengt of manipulator was used in optical working, Similitude and difference were compared in realization of act...

Authors: Hong Xin Shi, Jin Hong Zhu, Lian Mei Song, Xiao Ping Zou, Jian Han

Abstract: A kind of automatic welding machine and its microcomputer control system were designed in this paper. The mechanical system includes a...

Authors: Jia Hai Wang, Rui Heng Xiao, Yun Lei Ma

Abstract: The path planning is one core aspect of the research of robotics. In order to solve the problem that the welding robot path planning in the...

Authors: Peng Yu Liu, Yong Yi He, Jun Li, Qing Yun Meng, Shuai Guo

Abstract: As the perfect fusion of intelligent robotics and China's classic culture, Opera robots, two omni-directional wheeled robots were made in my...

Authors: Yun Zuo Zhang, Xiu Qing Zhang

Abstract: To meet the needs of a variety of applications, and solve the problem that some existing transmission equipment and terminal equipment can...

Authors: Yi Ou, Si Ji Huang, Hu Tian Feng, Wei Jun Tao

Abstract: A modeling method for steering resistance moment in small tracked robot is studied. First of all, Classical steering resistance torque...

Authors: Gan Wei Cai, Du Chao Wu, Yu Chen Pan, Xi Yong Xu, Zhuan Zhang

Abstract: The new type of excavator based on multi degree-of-freedom controllable mechanism is a typical nonlinear multi-input-multi-output (MIMO)...


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