Advanced Manufacturing Systems, ICMSE 2011

Volumes 201-203

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Wen Dong Li, Guo Wei Chen, Jing Chen, Xue Jun Zhang

Abstract: This paper describes a new intelligent storehouse management vehicle system based on image processing and Radio Frequency Identification...

Authors: Jiang Bin Zhao, Tie Lin Shi, Xin Ping Yan, Cheng Qing Yuan

Abstract: With technology advancement, more and more elements are integrated together. We briefly describe integrated sensors and summarize them into...

Authors: Hui Huang Zhao, De Jian Zhou, Yu Ming Xu

Abstract: The principles of the Surface Mount Technology (SMT) product character segmentation and its technology could be described as following: SMT...

Authors: Jun Hua Xiong, Shi Qing Xu, Chao Yun

Abstract: To measure and control thermal defects of power station, continuous power is provided to the ZigBee wireless temperature sensors by using...

Authors: Yu Chen

Abstract: Fuzzy control is a nonlinear control strategy based on fuzzy inference. It shows the people’s operational experience and common sense rules...

Authors: Chen Wei, Xu Meng

Abstract: To solve the self-control problem of grouting pressure stabilization in grouting engineering, a grouting pressure stabilization control...

Authors: Rui Yang, Xiao Shun Liu, Hao Yi Ren

Abstract: Interdigitated electrodes piezo-actuator has been widely applied in smart structures. Based on the analogy between the equation of inverse...

Authors: Da Xing Zhao, Qing Lin

Abstract: The most important problem of the Velcro Manufacturer face is to control the surface quality, and how to improve the product quality has...

Authors: Jie Yin, Qian Mu Li, Jun Hou

Abstract: With the development of the Satellite-Networks, information globalization becomes the tendency of human development. But the...

Authors: Jun Jie Zheng, Zhi Hua Liu, Lu Yin, Song Ye, Yang Wang

Abstract: Submarine is a kind of effective underwater weapon and with the development of technology,the noise level is almost equal to ambient ocean...


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