Advanced Manufacturing Systems, ICMSE 2011

Volumes 201-203

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Ye Ye, Neng Gang Xie, Yu Wan Cen, Qing Yun Liu

Abstract: For flocking task of multiple mobile robots (MMR for short), the paper establishes a multi-objective optimization model and studies a...

Authors: Jing Li Yu, Gang Cheng, Shuai Zhang, De Kun Zhang

Abstract: For a novel 3SPS+1PS parallel manipulator with 4 degrees of freedom including three rotations and one translation, the formulae for solving...

Authors: Bin Lei, Liang Cai Zeng

Abstract: A critical problem for swarm robotics cooperative control is to determine appropriate consensus algorithms so that a group of robots can...

Authors: Wei Jun Tao, Kai Liao, Hu Tian Feng

Abstract: Aiming at the existing problem of cleaning the inner barrel hard, a new portable barrel-scrubbing robot was designed and researched. First...

Authors: Ching Kuo Wang

Abstract: This paper is dedicated to self-handcraft an inexpensive, however, anthropomorphic robot face on the viewpoint of ryodoraku craftsmanship...

Authors: Jian Ye Zhang, Chen Zhao, Da Wei Zhang

Abstract: The pose accuracy of robot manipulators has long become a major issue to be considered in its advanced application. An efficient methodology...

Authors: Yong De Zhang, Ji Xiong Jiang

Abstract: To meet the requirements of forming complex and hard-to-bend orthodontic wires’, this paper proposes to use MOTOMAN UP6 for the bending...

Authors: Ching Kuo Wang

Abstract: This paper develops an intelligent braking system (IBS) to navigate escaping motions of wheeled robots with variable center of gravity. The...

Authors: Yun Zuo Zhang, Qiu Ming Zhao

Abstract: In the fields of auto-control, the requirement for dependability and intelligence of the instrument is often to be considered seriously....

Authors: Jun Han, Rui Li Chang

Abstract: The technology of mobile robot is an important branch in robot research. In order to endow robot with capacity of intelligent control and...


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