High Performance Structures and Materials Engineering

Volumes 217-218

doi: 10.4028/www.scientific.net/AMR.217-218

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Authors: Dian Tang Zhang, Ying Sun, Wei Hai, Li Chen, Ning Pan

Abstract: Based on the photographic observation and analysis of different cross section of the materials, it is found that both the section of normal...

Authors: Zhi Ping Yin, Jiong Zhang, Jin Guo, Qi Qing Huang

Abstract: The finite element software ANSYS was employed to create a finite element model of the cracked wing beam integrated structure, and the...

Authors: Yang Gao, Zhi Chun Yang, Jiang Xie

Abstract: This paper investigates the stability issues of functionally graded material (FGM) panels subjected simultaneously to both aerodynamic and...

Authors: Dong Sheng Shi, Yoshihiro Masuda, Young Ran Lee

Abstract: In this experiment, blast furnace slag fine aggregate that was produced by 3 different steel factory was been used in high-strength...

Authors: Yong Ding, Xiao Hua Luo, Min Yong Wan, Ming Yu Liu

Abstract: In conventional image enhancement methods, the noises and overshoot occur which degrade the image quality significantly accompanied with...

Authors: Xi Tao Zheng, Xian Yin Fan, Tian Jiao Qu, Lin Hu Gou, Yong Cheng

Abstract: Filament-wound composites are more and more frequently used for pressure tanks and motor cases. It is essential to study their mechanical...

Authors: Yu E Ma

Abstract: Third generation Al-Li alloy 2195 and 2198 were studied. The material properties of these two Al-Li alloy were compared with traditional...

Authors: Nan Zhao, Kai Ma, Shao Xue Tang, Bin Lei Chen, Ting Li

Abstract: Structural reaction analysis under frequent earthquake and rare earthquake was carried out using time- history method. Every single-tower...

Authors: Dong Xu Liu, Zhao Jia, Jie Hu, Peng Fei Guo, Yun Peng Ma

Abstract: Tear propagation is the typical fracture mode of fabric laminates, which is affected by stress and damage size. With the use of high...

Authors: Gui Mei Shi, Jin Bing Zhang, Shu Lian, Long Shan Chen

Abstract: SiC coated Ni nanocapsules were prepared by arc evaporating the mixture of Ni and SiC powders in Ar and H2 atmosphere. HRTEM shows the...


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