High Performance Structures and Materials Engineering

Volumes 217-218

doi: 10.4028/www.scientific.net/AMR.217-218

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Authors: Deng Gao Guan, Chuan Min Sun, Jin Hui Lin, Yao Sun, Guan Li Xu, Ting Lei

Abstract: A new kind of the micron-sized flaky silver-coated copper powder was prepared by electroless silver plating in this paper. Its plating...

Authors: Tao Ze, Di Liang, Zhou Qun

Abstract: A new multi-objective scheduling method based on the GA is proposed to the job-shop scheduling problem (JSP) constrained by machines,...

Authors: Wei Xie, Shao Wei Tu, Qi Qing Huang, Zhi Ping Yin

Abstract: In this paper, mixed mode stress intensity factor (SIF) solutions are computed for inclined surface cracks in finite-thickness plates. The...

Authors: Yong Wei Yu, Guo Fu Yin, Liu Qing Du

Abstract: In order to realize less time consuming and on-line image classification for steel strip surface defects, an improved multiclass support...

Authors: Wen Cheng Zhang, Sui Hua Zhou, An Lin Jiang

Abstract: Study on new absorption materials is important to the sound stealth of targets underwater. The simpler formulae of calculating...

Authors: Chun Xia He, Jun Jun Liu, Pan Fang Xue, Hong Yan Gu

Abstract: The influence of the rice husks powder (RHP) content and its particle size distribution on the composite’s tensile strength, fracturing...

Authors: Vladimir Aleshin, Viacheslav Kobyakov, Vadim Seleznev

Abstract: At present day pipe mill engineers have to deal with challenging technological problems of heavy-wall and high strength line pipe...

Authors: Han Jian, Yie Guo

Abstract: The molecule weight and distribution of molecule weight of a kind of medium temperature phenol formaldehyde resin(MTPF)was detected through...

Authors: Xu Dong Wang, Li Cun Wang, Xian Ming Zhang, Jun Feng

Abstract: In the development of new large megawatt size wind turbines, aerodynamic and structural reserch is interesting and important for study wind...

Authors: Xu Ling, Rui Liu Zong, Bin Kan Qiu

Abstract: A hierarchical zeolite was synthesized by self-assembly of ZSM-5 nano-crystals colloid and polystyrene spheres coated with cationic poly...


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