High Performance Structures and Materials Engineering

Volumes 217-218

doi: 10.4028/www.scientific.net/AMR.217-218

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Authors: Xiao Jun Wan

Abstract: Fracture toughness is one of the important parameters to characterize the general mechanical properties of materials, Tests for determining...

Authors: Feng Lei Shen, Guo Qiang Chen, Jiang Zhong Ding, Ju Yan Dai, Xiu Feng Yu

Abstract: The effect of draw ratio and take-up velocity on the structure and property of the ultra-fine denier PET full drawing yarn (PET-FDY) with...

Authors: Guang Peng Hu, Hai Yang Huang

Abstract: The probability that the starting points or ending points of time intervals of two random events are equal is zero. Hence, in order to...

Authors: Ming Qin Guo, Jie Li, Shi Cheng Ma, Zhi Lin Liu

Abstract: The finite element calculation model of the cement-soil pile composite foundation based on asymptotic homogenization theory has been built,...

Authors: Xiao Jie Xu, Xi Yan Dong

Abstract: As the precondition of fingerprint identification, the effective image segmentation plays the significant role in the following image...

Authors: Hai Cheng Yan, Hou Jiang Zhang, Lei Zhu, Yan Liang Sun

Abstract: This document explains and demonstrates a new means of dynamic and static bending evaluation of modulus of elasticity for small samples of...

Authors: Hou Jiang Zhang, Lei Zhu, Yan Liang Sun, Xi Ping Wang, Hai Cheng Yan

Abstract: During maintenance of ancient timber architectures, it is important to determine mechanical properties of the wood component materials...

Authors: Xue Mei Hou

Abstract: Considering the actuality of current speech recognition and the characteristic of RBF neural network, a noise-robust speech recognition...

Authors: Sha Chen, Hai Jiang Zhu, Ping Yang

Abstract: In this paper, the nonlinearity parameter B/A of ethanol has been measured under different emitted voltages, temperatures, multiple...

Authors: Dong Sheng Zhang, Xiao Hong Liu, Jian Guo Shi, Jun Mao, Zhong Li

Abstract: Modeled nonlinearity, time-varying, dynamic coupling finite element model of scraper conveyor according to its actual working condition in...


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