Machinery, Materials Science and Engineering Applications, MMSE2011

Volumes 228-229

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Wen Jun Hou, Tie Meng Li, Chang Hua Liu, Fu Xing Yang

Abstract: Virtual Assembly (VA) is an advanced tool for assembly design. Current VA system lacks of intelligent decision support especially in...

Authors: Guang Xue Yang, Qiang Li, Ji Long Xie

Abstract: In order to investigate the influence of fretting induced by a shrink-fit shaft and hub subjected to rotating bending on crack propagation...

Authors: Peng Liu, Ying Yun Huang, Hao Peng Gao, Da Sheng Ou

Abstract: This paper proposes to verify and test the vibration of diesel’s undercarriage got by virtual measure and actual measure through the...

Authors: Tammam Merhej, Liang Liang Cheng, De Cheng Feng

Abstract: The effect of adding polypropylene fibers; with different shapes and volume fractions; on the compressive strength, modulus of rupture,...

Authors: Krit Won-In, Pisutti Dararutana

Abstract: The effect of varying the TiO2–content on the lead-free high refractive index glass based on 25 wt% barium carbonate added in replacing lead...

Authors: Jian Lin Xu, Shu Hua Yang, Li Hui Zhang, Zhao Kang, Qiang Guo

Abstract: The nano-antimony particles with different shape, size and stability are prepared by electrochemical method under the dilute hydrochloric...

Authors: Zheng Xiong, Zhu Xi, Zhang Li Jun

Abstract: Hexagonal W-type ferrite BaZn0.6Co1.4Fe16O27 was prepared by the method of coprecipitation with flux. The formation, microstructure, element...

Authors: Yi Mei, Fang Ping Wang, Qiao Ying Liu, Yu Tao Mao

Abstract: To solve the thermal deformation caused by thermal load of heavy machinery gearbox, it is established that coupled analysis model to carry...

Authors: Li Min Zhao, Wei Fen Jiang, Hao Shan Hao

Abstract: Bi2Sr2Co2-xCuxOy (x=0.0, 0.2, 0.4) samples were prepared by solid-state reaction method and the effect of Cu substitution on the...

Authors: Fei Chen, Hai Zhou, Fan Xiu Lv

Abstract: A relatively new process called microarc oxidation (MAO), also called plasma electrolytic oxidation (PEO), has emerged as a unique technique...


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