Machinery, Materials Science and Engineering Applications, MMSE2011

Volumes 228-229

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Ho Sung Lee, Jong Hoon Yoon, Woo Hyun Cho

Abstract: In this study, solid state diffusion welding behavior of titanium alloys was investigated. Formation mechanism of diffusion welding process...

Authors: Guo Qin Sun, De Guang Shang

Abstract: The stress-strain response at notch root for notched specimen was computed by elastic-plastic finite element analysis (FEA) under multiaxial...

Authors: Ye Tian, Xun Liang Liu, Zhi Wen

Abstract: A three-dimensional mathematic model is developed for a 100kw single-end recuperative radiant tube and the simulation is performed with the...

Authors: Pei De Bao, Jun Xie, Xiao Qin Yin, Qi Zhi Yang, Lu Zhong Ma

Abstract: Based on elastic hydrodynamic lubrication (EHL) theory, an EHL model of the meshing between the sun gear and planet gear in planetary gear...

Authors: Li Xin Shi, Guang Ming Wang

Abstract: The Burmester curve plays an important role in rigid-body guidance of four-bar linkage, but it still had serious blindness because two...

Authors: Feng He, Xu Li

Abstract: Materials as the basis of product design, with its own inherent characteristics and emotional semantics formed the indispensable elements of...

Authors: Salah Uddin Rajib, Shariful Alam, Qutub Uddin Sajib, Nashar Ahmed

Abstract: Change is now a general phenomenon of Business environment. Managements are compelled to adapt with the changes to survive. The term...

Authors: Jun Tao, Guang De Zhang

Abstract: According to such properties of DME as high saturated vapor pressure, low viscosity and easy formation of mixture with air, a CPC...

Authors: Zhen Yu Han, Run Bing Liu, Hong Ya Fu

Abstract: The micro crowled integral impeller is one of the key parts of aeroengine. It is difficult to machine for its complex structure and small...

Authors: Hai Quan Feng, Zhi Guo Wang, Yamashita Shuzou, Nakatani Tatsuyuki

Abstract: The excellent biocompatibility and antithrombotic properties of Diamond-like Carbon films (DLC) have been widely confirmed in several...


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