Machinery, Materials Science and Engineering Applications, MMSE2011

Volumes 228-229

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Xi Fang, Zhuo Qiu Li, Si Rong Zhu, Yong Lv

Abstract: Carbon fiber composed with epoxy-matrix is revealed to be a kind of functional composite material, which has sound sensing characteristics....

Authors: Xiao Shu Deng

Abstract: Material is physical basis and carrier of design, which is a very important part of product design. On the one hand, designers can make...

Authors: Tian Hua Jiang, Jing Rong Peng, Wei Ming Zhang

Abstract: When a reinforced concrete structure suffers from a big fire, its quality will change and its bearing ability will be reduced. It is...

Authors: Na Wu, Geng Wang, Yun Ping Wei

Abstract: The axle housing manufactured by hydroforming can meet the requirement of light weight in automotive making. The products are of reasonable...

Authors: Xin Rong Wen, Guang De Zhang, Wei Hua Wang, Xie Lu, Sun Jing

Abstract: The purpose of this paper is to provide theoretical support for the structural design to prevent the wear of needle. The actual wear of the...

Authors: Fei Fan, Wei Wang

Abstract: To detect circuit breaker mechanical failures that are still in their early stages in order to avoid more serious failures and ensure...

Authors: Zhen Biao Liu, Li Zhong Xu, Xiang Sheng Guo

Abstract: Electronic corona may be obturated when dust load at inlet of ESP is more than 500g/Nm3, it will influence dedusting efficiency. Through...

Authors: Mei Yang, Li Ya Hou, Wei Yi Zhang

Abstract: In tissue engineering, paraffin spheres are often used as porogen in solvent casting/particulate leaching technology to prepare scaffold....

Authors: Rong Li, Jing Li, Jian Liu

Abstract: Aiming at the situation in some Chinese auto companies that the workload of body welding quality inspection is high and the sample size is...

Authors: Ming Song Zhang, Cheng Jun Zhou, Chun Hua Zhao, Jian Jun Ke

Abstract: Aiming at some DTH drill key parts of fracture phenomena often appear, the paper analyzes its fracture characteristics, under load...


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