Machinery, Materials Science and Engineering Applications, MMSE2011

Volumes 228-229

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Jian Hua Liu, Yi Hua Feng, Lei Shi, Qing Yu Zhang

Abstract: Arc ion plating technique PVD ZrN coatings were deposited on YT15 cemented carbide. Microstructural and fundamental properties of the ZrN...

Authors: Zhen Nan Han, Jian Xin Gao, Yue Xian Li, Wen Ting Sun

Abstract: EMD is an effective analysis method of non-stationary signal, but the end effect exists in the process of decomposition. As for the end...

Authors: Jing Yang, Long Quan, Yang Yang

Abstract: In order to analyze rotary characteristics of light type hydraulic excavator, according to prototype’s real parameters, a 3-D model of...

Authors: Zhi Xia Qiao, Dan Tian Zhang, Yong Chang Liu, Ze Sheng Yan

Abstract: Any heat treatment technology must begin with the process of austenization, during which the holding time at austenite region is one of the...

Authors: Ji Xiang Zhang, Hui Wen, Wei Feng, Guo Yin An, Jin Xi Liu

Abstract: In order to realize numerical simulation of warm forming and reasonably establish the warm formation process parameters for 6016 aluminum...

Authors: De Qiang Wei, Yun Zhi Yi, Rong Wang

Abstract: According to the actual experimental condition of the scanning electron beam welder, a 3-D finite element model(FEM) model of the...

Authors: Zhi Yong Hao

Abstract: Establishing the plow cutting coal seam 3D simulation model, Using finite element analysis software ANSYS/ LS-DYNA, simulating plow bit...

Authors: Ping Xue, Xue Yi Guo, Qing Hua Tian

Abstract: A novel chemical precipitation method was studied to prepare the metal cobalt powder from the precursor Co(OH)x(CO3)y powder. From XRD and...

Authors: Xi Yuan Wang, Xiang Wu, Xiao Wen Xu

Abstract: The thesis raises an idea of researching and developing synthetic material of wollastonite in four-molding and simple-molding method through...

Authors: Zheng Wang, Kui Wang, Lu Wang, Zi Hao Zhao

Abstract: The propagation of fatigue short crack is a fractal curve, the irregular path can be described by fractal dimension. The fractal dimension...


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