Application of Chemical Engineering

Volumes 236-238

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Ji Xian Dong, Zhen Zhang, Rui Dang, Jian Xiao Lu

Abstract: In this paper, the authors explore the structure and operating mechanism of the energy- saving type multi-channel drying cylinder, which can...

Authors: Ling Hua Guo, Mei Yun Zhang, Xin Hua Guo, Qian Zhu

Abstract: The heat transfer printing is a new application of printing to textile industry. At present, there are no unified standards and parameters....

Authors: Bing Sun, Yu Xin Liu, Shu Lan Shi

Abstract: The Americal Old Corrugated Containers (AOCC) was treated with laccase. Fiber morphology, molecular weight and distribution of lignin were...

Authors: Yu Xin Liu, Bing Sun, Hui Ren Hu, Ke Li Chen

Abstract: In this paper, the hemicelluloses was extracted by alkali from aspen, then it was made to be surface enhance agent by cationic modification....

Authors: Qing Zhu, Chuan Shan Zhao, Jin Jiang Pang

Abstract: The preparation of alumina silicate refractory fiberboard by wet vacuum filter molding process, alumina silicate fibre is the matrix...

Authors: Xiao Lin Zhang, Ru Min Wang

Abstract: Single factor experiment was used to investigate neutral deinking technology of old magazine paper (OMG) by self-compounded NTM-2 deinking...

Authors: Yong Gang Yang, Qiao Zhuo Gao, Fu Ping Liu

Abstract: The wet picking and wet resistance of offset papers were studied using IGT-gst2 printability tester according to change printing...

Authors: Qian Qian Xing, Chuan Shan Zhao

Abstract: Rosin as a natural renewable resource has become an important research topic. The esterifiable rosin used to do the cation neutral sizing...

Authors: Qi Jie Chen, Ping Wang, Yong Xiang Yan

Abstract: In recent years High yield pulp (HYP) is being used at an increasing rate to replace bleached hardwood kraft pulp in the manufacturing of...

Authors: Xing Long Li, Yong Hua Zang, Zhen Juan Wu, Ying Xu

Abstract: Eco-friendly high-yield pulps (HYP) are becoming increasingly used to product high value-added fine paper that is traditionally produced...


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