Application of Chemical Engineering

Volumes 236-238

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Feng Ling Yang, Shen Jie Zhou, Gui Chao Wang

Abstract: In the present work, detached eddy simulation (DES) of the turbulent flow in an unbaffled stirred tank agitated by a six-pitched-blade...

Authors: Qiu Sheng Song, Kai Zhang, Shun Xu, Zhen Biao Zhong, Meng Li

Abstract: Using tetraethoxysilane (TEOS) and novolac-PF as raw materials, SiO2/PF hybrid fibers were prepared via sol-gel associated with...

Authors: Yong Gang Li, Yang Dong Hu, Qin He Sun, Lian Ying Wu

Abstract: Based on the analysis of production process in three phases and finite element analysis of silicon carbide (SiC) furnace temperature field,...

Authors: Qi Feng Chen, Shi Lin Yuan, Guang Xue Chen, Bao Lin Tang, Jing Lei Tai

Abstract: This paper studied on the hydrokinetics and uniform distributed mechanics of supplying ink pressure for the inkjet printing system based on...

Authors: Qun Song Li, Qian Yang, Zhi Song Li, Tian Lan Yu

Abstract: With the help of Fluent 6.2 and supporting software, 3D numerical simulation of fluid flow and heat transfer enhancement of plastic spiral...

Authors: Yu Qiang Dai, Jiu Peng Zou, Jin Tao Wu, Che Zhu, Pei Qi Liu, Li Ming Zhang, Da Peng Hu

Abstract: Real gas effect has great impact on unsteady flow behaviors in wave rotor refrigerator (WRR). In this work, the main thermal separation...

Authors: Xiao Meng Zhang, Shu Feng Ye, Li Hua Xu, Peng Qian, Lian Qi Wei, Yun Fa Chen

Abstract: The SiC/FexSiy composites were synthesized by reaction sintering process with iron tailings as raw material and carbon...

Authors: Yue Cui, Hong Gao, Jin Sheng Sun, Xu Chen

Abstract: Flow field of gas and particles in a conveying vessel is investigated by use of a three-dimensional model combined Eulerian approach....

Authors: Xiao Wu Hu, Hong Yan, Wen Jing Chen

Abstract: A rich variety of two-phase microstructures have been shown to form in the directionally solidified Pb-30wt.%Bi alloy. The selection of...

Authors: Wen Jing Liu, Hui Zhao, Chao He Yang, Hong Hong Shan

Abstract: In fixed-fluidized bed reactor, laboratory evaluation of different catalyst, raw materials and process parameters can be implemented, so it...


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