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Authors: Guo Sheng Wang, Kang Jun Wang, Jia Hou, Yu Feng Xu
Abstract: Aluminum borate (Al4B2O9) nanomaterials were synthesized via a sol-gel process using Na2B4O7·10H2O and Al (NO3)3·9H2O. The effect of reaction volume concentration, calcination temperature and feeding modes on the morphology of Aluminum borate was investigated. The material was characterized with SEM and XRD. Results reveal that Al4B2O9 nanowires, nanorods could be synthesized, and its morphology also can be tailored by controlling calcination temperature and feeding modes.
Authors: Thein Thein Kyaw, Kyaw Myo Naing, Nyunt Win
Abstract: In this paper aluminum oxide thin film was prepared by anodic oxidation in various acid baths such as sulphuric acid, chromic acid and phosphoric acid with different concentrations. The thickness and appearance of the anodized films formed has been compared. The thicknesses of anodic oxide film, coating weight per unit area and coating ratio of anodic oxide film variation were determined with respect to the different electrolyte concentrations by using the thickness determination formula. Sulphuric acid gives the highest thickness aluminum oxide films, in the operation condition of 15% H2SO4 solution composition, 15V, 30±2°C, 100 mA, 60 mins.

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