Application of Chemical Engineering

Volumes 236-238

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Rowan N. Morrison, Daniel E. Vasquez, Greg J. Griffin, Donavan C.O. Marney

Abstract: Pyrolysis of dried sewage sludge samples treated with the additives silica zeolite, calcium oxide, dolomite, ammonium sulphate or diammonium...

Authors: Siriwan Srisorrachatr

Abstract: The removal of dyes from synthetic wastewater by sunflower husk was studied in batch and dynamics removal. The extent of adsorption was...

Authors: Yan Gang He, Xiao Wei Gan, Wei Hong, Yi Hu, Yu Ling Liu

Abstract: Chemical mechanical polishing (CMP) of Cu pattern wafer based alkaline slurry in GLSI with R(NH2)n as complexing agent...

Authors: Vatcharinkorn Mekla, Supakorn Pukird, Supanit Porntheerapat, Jiti Nukeaw

Abstract: The report presents the effects of the thickness on the TiO2 thin films prepared by the GLAD technique with incline spinning...

Authors: Hao Yi Wu, Yi Hua Hu, Yin Hai Wang, Chu Jun Fu, Feng Wen Kang

Abstract: The Eu2+ and Dy3+ codoped Ba2MgSi2O7 phosphor is synthesized via high temperature...

Authors: Eugenia Blangino, Silvia Daniela Romano

Abstract: In this paper we study the predictive capacity of three methods to compute biodiesel viscosity and their behavior in different ranges of...

Authors: Wei Guo Yi, Dong Yan, Long Yong Xie, Jian Nan Xiang, Zhong Cao

Abstract: A series of 13-cis-retinoate aryl derivatives were synthesized from 13-cis-retinoic acid and phenols or arylalcohol with...

Authors: Ling Mei Yang, Peng Mei Lv, Zhen Hong Yuan, Wen Luo, Zhong Ming Wang, Hui Wen Li

Abstract: Fe(II)-Zn-based double metal cyanide complex catalysts modified with rare earth metal or transition metal promoters(lanthanum, cerium,...

Authors: Zhen Yu Cai, Ming Qiao Zhu, Yue Tang, Yi Liu, Huan Dai, Xin Zhi Chen, Chao Hong He

Abstract: Carbon-supported gold catalysts Au/C were prepared by an impregnation-reduction method and modified by AgNO3 to obtain...

Authors: Shu Hao Ban, Jian Ning Ding, Ai Ping Hu, Xiao Yan Li, Xue Dong Jiang

Abstract: Young’s modulus of monolayer graphene with carbon-circles is considered based on least-energy principle (LEP) and finite displacement...


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